Forest bathing medicine is practiced is Japan. A man lying down on the ground connecting with the earth.
Connect with Nature: Pause for a moment to appreciate the joy of nature’s soothing rhythm making use of all your senses

Forest Bathing is the medicine of the future

What is Forest Bathing medicine and how you can use it to be well?

“When you go to a forest, within minutes your heart rate will go down. You will breathe more slowly. And cortisol the stress hormone start decreasing. You may be lucky enough to have the feeling called awe. Psychologist brakes awe down to mean a combination of fear and happiness and pleasure all at once. After people feel awe, their focus moves from internal to external. And so anxiety and depression go down and people feel more empathy.” – An excerpt from Prescribing Nature for Health by Dr. Nooshin Razani TEDx Nashville

After 15-20 minutes in nature you will have bigger attention span. You can solve more complicated cognitive test and puzzles. And after 3 days, The prefrontal cortex, the brain region that is in charge of planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior, relaxes and resets. And that is when you are at your best self and have your most creative and productive time.

Many of us who live in urban areas spend more time under artificial lights in an office. It is hard to connect with nature on a daily basis and we are more likely to learn about wildlife ironically from National Geographic channel or YouTube than maybe from a walk in the woods.

Forest bathing medicine is practiced is Japan. A woman touching a tall tree among many trees in the forest.

So how do you practice forest bathing?

Don’t wait for an epic trip to the Rocky Mountains or anything like that. The key is to do it often and incorporate it to your daily life.

It is easier than you thought! If you do not have a forest within close proximity, simply spend time under the trees in a park.

Have a childlike spirit and stop worrying too much about the dirt, the rain, the insects, the sweat etc. Things that actually prevent you from being spontaneous.

Remember being a child and going barefoot all summer? We would play in the forest or the park across the road from our house and spend the day in the woods among ferns, twigs, rocks and moss. We had no fear of wild animals and were not worried about the dangers of Lyme disease or other tick-borne illnesses.

Shinrin-yoku, literally Forest Bathing, was developed in Japan in the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy, the medicine of simply being in the forest and taking in the forest atmosphere.

To bathe in the forest or nature means to bask in it. Your five senses are open to receive nature. You smell the flowers and the natural essential oil from tree barks, you taste the fruits or the air, you see the tall trees and thousand shades of green, you hear the sounds of birds and nature around you, you feel the forest with your palms and sole of the feet, deep within your soul.

The Definitive Guide to Shinrin Yoku Training​

Here is all you need to know about Shinrin Yoku training.

On this page you will find comprehensive information on how to become a certified guide and instructor, how to choose the right institution, the career path of certified Shinrin Yoku guide ad instructor, the health benefits of Shinrin Yoku, how to practice Shinrin Yoku by yourself, how to design a Shinrin Yoku trips or retreats, how to create a business around the idea of Shinrin Yoku and more.

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