We just love being outside on grass.

Simple and practical tips that anyone could practice immediately to improve their quality of life and be happier.

We incorporate all of the tips below in our 3Day/2Night Kyoto – Nara Nature and Japanese Culture Immersion Tour

Connect with Nature

Pause for a moment to appreciate the joy of nature’s soothing rhythm, making use of all your sense.

Reconnect with Yourself

Take a break from everything else to focus on your inner thoughts and feelings. Be present with yourself. Smile when you feel reconnected.

Walk Mindfully

Take a gentle stroll outside, or even around your office after lunch. Be mindful of each step and acknowledge the thoughts, feelings and sensations in your body.

Enjoy the Moment

Instead of always looking towards the future, take 5 minutes to pause and enjoy what is happening in the present.

Nurture Relationships

Set all distractions aside and spend 20 minutes of quality time engaging with the person of your choice.

Feel Grateful

Write down 3 things you feel grateful for and occasionally read them back to yourself. Remember how they make you feel.

Learn to Receive

Sometimes we are too afraid or proud to accept help from others. Try opening your heart and say “yes”. When we are open we can receive.

Cook More

Avoid processed foods which can be high in sugar, salt, preservatives and unhealthy fats.

Our home-cooked meal, usually full of greens

Eat Mindfully

Eat smaller mouthfuls, focus on the actions of chewing and swallowing and listen to your body’s hunger and satiety signals.

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