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Here is how you can achieve wellness and happiness:

There are many articles on how healthy eating, regular exercise and a good sleep could help to promote your health and wellness. But before we get there, these are 3 major decisions you need to make in life in order to be in the position to acquire those wellness and happiness goals.

Continue reading before for 3 fundamental life decisions for wellness and happiness.

1. Choosing who you marry well

“The most important career choice you’ll make is who you marry,” said Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, while sharing her experiences at a conference in New York. This decision is not only important for your career, but also is a determining factor whether you will lead a happy and healthy life. Choosing the right partner means whether you will get the support that you need in order to do whatever you choose to do professionally.

Your decisions on diet, where you live and what you choose to do with your free time depend not only on your preferences, but also those of your partner. Notice how easy it is when you would like to bring change into your life when your partner is supportive or open to learn new things and change for the better. The opposite is true when you are with someone who resists change.

As you age, your health condition changes and your interests evolve. Changes are constantly required in our life to adapt to the current situation. Make a conscious choice to be with someone who has a positive outlook on life and constantly works hard to improve themselves. Those traits will rub off on you or complement your already-positive-attitude towards wellness, spiritual growth and personal development.

2. Choosing your career wisely

Most of us spend many hours at work and have little influence on our working environment and hours. Generally, what you do for a living determines your lifestyle choices to a large extent. It has a huge impact on who you surround yourself with, the working environment, your sleep pattern and how sedentary you are.

In my case, it was clear to me at young age that I would like to be working in a beautiful resort environment. This career choice offers a dream-like working location. Most of the time, it comes with clean air, the best views, happy and energetic colleagues. Work took me to some of the best vacation spots such as the French Riviera, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Kyoto and Singapore.

While that was all great, hotel industry is notorious for shift work and many of us suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD).

However, not all hotel jobs have crazy hours. I chose to make a career progression from working at the Front Desk where there are several shifts round the clock, to a career in the wellness area. This has allowed for somewhat normal working hours and an opportunity to learn something that is useful for my own well-being.

Many of our students on Shinrin Yoku Guide Training Certification Program are nature enthusiasts. They have made a mindful decision to make a change in their career. Being a Forest Bathing guide helps you to get outdoor more often, lead a well- balanced lifestyle and express your values through your work.

You DO have an influence in your choice of career, so choose your career wisely. What you do for a living is one of the major factors to help your achieve wellness and happiness in the long run!

3. Choosing where you live carefully

This decision is to a certain extent influenced by your career choice. Sometimes your job moves you to a new city or a new country. However, that does not mean you do not have a choice to choose to live closer to nature, even when you move to a city as large and as populated as Tokyo.

Research shows that a Forest Bathing trip of only 2 hours can help promote better sleep, improve mood and boost immune system. It is known that the immune system plays an important role in building your defense against bacteria, viruses and tumors. It is also known that stress inhibits immune function. If your immune system is suppressed, you are more likely to be ill. Stressed people are often ill.

Research conducted by Dr. Qing Li, the author of, “into the forest“, shows that people who live in areas with fewer trees have significantly higher level of stress. In addition, they also have higher mortality rates than people who live where there is a good density of trees. How great could your health be, if you live in a green space?

Greener places offer the luxury of fresh air and increase your chance of participating in outdoor activities and get active. If you choose to live in a health conscious city, you will also be surrounded by health conscious friends and neighbors. Healthy food choice should also be abundant!

To achieve wellness and happiness

In conclusion, to achieve wellness and happiness, you need to design your life in a specific way by making important and fundamental decisions about your relationships, your career and the place to live.

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