Increase Energy with 2-minute TMT Breath®

Here’s how to increase energy with TMT Breath®. Only 2 minutes of this breathwork in a virtual forest walk, you’ll instantly feel energized.

Breathwork has a ton of benefits on its own, but practicing it in the forest environment brings it to another level. If you have the privilege of living near to the forest or parks, go breathe mindfully and intentionally outdoors. Sit or lie under trees and simply focus on your breathing with your eyes opened and take it all in.

Watch the guided TMT Breath® video below. Inhale deeply through your nose once and exhale with force while squeezing in the stomach once. Repeat the cycle in a rhythmic manner.

This fast-paced breathing encourages healthy and strong lungs and will quickly increase heat within the body. It is a wonderful way to alkalize your blood and increase energy levels. The contraction of the belly massages the internal organs improving digestion and it also increases the immune system and enlivens the brain.

Since this breathing technique produces heat, it may make you sweat after a prolonged practice. You may feel the tingly sensation in your palms or face. That is normal. If you have just started to practice and you feel light-headed or dizzy, reducing your pace of breathing or lying down on your back may help.

Always remember to monotask and leave your phone behind! Do only ONE thing and that is breathing! It is only 2 minutes and that is totally achievable.

If you have been procrastinating meditation, here is how to stop procrastinating by using the “2-Minute Rule.” This appears on Atomic Habits, a New York Times bestselling book by James Clear. The Two-Minute Rule states “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.”

What is TMT Breath®?

Increase energy with TMT Breath® a woman sittin gin the forest practicing breathwork

TMT Breath® is the breathing techniques derived from ancient pranayama techniques. It is based on the research that our visual system is so closely tied to our stress system, and that particular patterns of breathing can naturally engage the parasympathetic response.

TMT Breath® is most effective when practiced while engaging our sense of sight, gazing upon an open natural green space.

Some of the benefits of practicing the various breathing techniques of TMT Breath® are increased energy, calm mind, improved blood circulation, reduced stress and anxiety.

All of The Mindful Tourist’s certified Shinrin Yoku instructor (Level 2 training), are certified in TMT Breath® and incorporate it in their Forest Bathing routines.

The Definitive Guide to Shinrin Yoku Training

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