Shinrin Yoku is the New Yoga

Let’s begin by pointing out that yoga is one of the best mind and body workout and the spiritual bridge to the self. Practicing yoga comes with many benefits for both mental and physical health and we swear by it. This article discusses how Shinrin Yoku is the new yoga and becoming the latest wellness sensation.

So, why Shinrin Yoku?

Shinrin Yoku is the medicine of simply being in the forest and taking in the forest atmosphere. It is the medicine of the future.

“More and more medical researches and academic studies are highlighting the benefits of time spent in nature and the outdoors,” adds Milena A. Guziak, co-founder and creative director of The Mindful Tourist. As science continues to illustrate the many benefits of Shinrin Yoku, it would not be surprising if their popularity continues to rise.

A study in Japan showed that people who walked through forests and parks for a few hours everyday experienced better breathing, lower level of stress hormone, pulse rate, and blood pressure than those in a city area.

This is largely due to fresh air and being lightly active in the forest atmosphere or naturescapes. Fresh air and physical activity help the airways of your lungs to dilate more fully and, as a result, improves the cleansing action of your lungs. When you breathe out through your lungs, you release airborne toxins from your body. When outdoors, moving, walking or jogging encourages increased diaphragmatic breathing. This means that you breathe more deeply, drawing more air deep into the bottom of your lungs. This not only brings more oxygen into your cells but helps the lungs to expel more airborne toxins from the body.

Citizens of the Modern World

Nowadays, when we want to meditate, we are told to download an app and connect away. Our mind has to be anchored to a guiding voice on a smartphone. It is impossible to disconnect. There are too many apps and devices to deal with and too many distractions. We are nature deprived and what we consume is no longer pure.

“As a veteran in the wellness industry, I feel that nature connection and its healing benefits are so underrated. Wellness leaders focus a lot of their time on procuring the chemical-laden and heavily fragranced treatment products and high-tech equipment in their wellness centers. They usually overlook the importance of harnessing the healing power of nature around them. That is one best way to localize your wellness activities by connecting guests to the immediate surrounding and indigenous plants,” commented Pin Chinnapat, founder of The Mindful Tourist.

Urban people think spending time in nature is inconvenience. They seek comfort in the indoor living because being in nature boring and dangerous. There are the possible dangers of poisonous animals and sunburn and the inconvenience of rain and dirt. Whatever the reason is, they are missing out.

Why should we spend more time in nature?

Yoga and Shinrin Yoku practitioners enjoy many similar mental and physical benefits, such as decreasing stress, bertter heart health and improving sleep quality. Having said that, most yoga classes are held indoors, in an air-conditioned environment. This limits exposure to the fresh air and the natural elements nature provide.

First of all, nature revives our energy and inner spirit. Getting in tune with it can help optimize our immunity and ultimately our well-being. Try walking in the sand or grass. Being able to physically feel the ground helps your body to achieve balance and increase sensitivity to touch.

Secondly, when you spend time connecting with nature, you experience a sense of awe. Dictionary defines it as an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, and fear produced by that which is grand, sublime and extremely powerful. Awe promotes generosity, creativity, curiosity, loving kindness and enables us to live in the present moment.

Lastly, being in nature is stress-free and hints at relaxation, beauty and a sense of serenity. As nature calms you, your stress level reduces. Lower stress levels, as a consequence, allow your own body’s immunity to increase.

Shinrin Yoku is about going back to the basics, as it connects our mind, body and spirit to the natural environment and learning the simple things in life, one thing at a time.

The Definitive Guide to Shinrin Yoku Training

Here is all you need to know about Shinrin Yoku training. Comprehensive information on how to become a certified guide and instructor, how to choose the right institution, the career path of certified Shinrin Yoku guide ad instructor, the health benefits of Shinrin Yoku, how to practice Shinrin Yoku by yourself, how to design a Shinrin Yoku trips or retreats, how to create a business around the idea of Shinrin Yoku and more.

Shinrin Yoku is the new yoga with a group of people lying down on grass under trees

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