The Mindful Tourist Launched The Wellness Journey Show

February 5, 2021, Bangkok, Thailand

The Mindful Tourist’s founder, Pin Chinnapat Veerasomboonsin, launched The Wellness Journey Show. The show is conducted in a podcast format, with a long-form conversation with independent wellness practitioners she has come to know in her career path.

On The Wellness Journey Show, I invite wellness entrepreneurs, some of them are my friends and some of them are renowned practitioners who travel the globe for their work. In the show, we talk about how they discovered their passions and how they are able to create a sustainable business out of the passions and live a balanced life,” commented Pin Chinnapat.

This podcast is created to inspire independent wellness entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Along with other listeners, you will learn valuable insights from our guests, understand the struggles they went through, how they overcome adversities and be guided by “ikigai”, a Japanese term for “reason for being”.

Starting something anew isn’t easy and many of us can let our fear from being judged or failure hold us back from taking actions.

In The Wellness Journey Show, we hope to give you a little bit of inspiration on how to use your passion for wellness to inspire the service of others and, in return, create an opportunity for business.

“If you’re just getting started or having a change of career and wondering what the journey is like for others, do stay tuned,”  concluded Pin Chinnapat.

The episodes are live on The Mindful Tourist’s Facebook page and will later be released on YouTube channel.

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