TMT Creative Director Releases The 1st Edition of TMT Forest Bathing Workbook

Long term investments in training platform and materials, including the appointment of Kate Yip, a TMT certified Forest Bathing guide, as an art illustrator for TMT Forest Bathing workbook (ISBN: 978-83-960363-2-2), drive industry-leading product and unmatched student experiences.
TMT Forest Bathing Workbook
May 1, 2021, Bangkok, Thailand

A global leader in the nature-based wellness education industry founded in Japan, The Mindful Tourist has teamed up with a former student and the founder of The Backyard Bathers, Kate Yip Jieying, to release the 1st edition of TMT Forest Bathing workbook.

The workbook is authored by The Mindful Tourist’s co-founder and Creative Director, Milena Agnieszka Guziak, and will be released for the first time to the students who will commence their Forest Bathing Certification Training on May 19, 2021, via The Mindful Space training platform.

“The idea for the workbook had come gradually to me as a result of my weekly sessions with The Mindful Tourist trainees, each so unique in their skills and interests. There is no words to describe their intellectual diversity. Despite individual differences, one thing that we have in common is love, respect, gratitude for forest, nature as a whole, and human beings; a drive to support ourselves and others,” commented Guziak.

The Mindful Tourist Online Shinrin Yoku Guide Certification Program can be considered as a way of exercising leadership in your life and in your community

The program consists of a 15-week training, divided into 3 sections or cornerstones. These cornerstones provide a foundation for you, The Mindful Tourist Shinrin Yoku Guides (TMT Shinrin Yoku Guides), to thrive in your passion.

This Forest Bathing workbook is designed to help students to:

  • understand TMT ethical guidelines and core skills they should have when Shinrin Yoku guiding clients;
  • apply their existing skills to design a forest bathing session;
  • discover new interests and take charge of direction they want follow after the training;
  • become fluent in their reflective practice.

Message from Milena A. Guziak

“There is nothing more amazing than making an idea that manifested itself one day in your head materialize. I kept going – slowly but surely. There is going to be probably a second edition at some point; there is another workbook coming its way, Workbook for The Mindful Tourist’s Forest Bathing Instructors.”

Kate Jieying Yip

Adds Yip: “The Shinrin Yoku Cat” series of illustrations follows the journey of a black cat named Neko through various scenes from a day in his life, each depicting him immersed in nature and in awe of its beauty and magic. By the way, Neko is the Japanese term for “cat” and his name is a tribute to the Japanese roots for forest bathing. Also to the inaugural batch of TMT Level 1 Jan 2021 alumni, I hope you can guess why I was inspired to feature a black cat for the illustrations and that you can spot yourself in Diversity.

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