The Power of Humility:
Letting Go of the Need to Be Right

β€œLetting go of the need to be right is a foundation to recognize issues
that impede personal growth and hinder relationships.”

Letting go yoga art
Yoga art by Irene Izquierdo

β€œI practiced 60-minute Power Yoga “Detox” Class with Travis Eliot today and I found so much wisdom in his words, on top of a great practice as usual. I did not complete the entire 60 minutes because I have been out of practice and just couldn’t last the whole duration, but it was a really good practice regardless. At the very beginning of the video, there is a mention of β€œletting go”. And the key takeaway from this for me is to let go of the need to be right.”

That was the first paragraph of an apology letter to my partner. I will not get into details of our argument, but you get the picture. We all struggle to admit fault. We defend ourselves, talk more than listen, or find flaws in the messenger to dismiss the message. These habits build walls and leave us estranged and disconnected.

Letting go of the need to be right is a foundation to recognize issues that impede personal growth and hinder relationships.

And as I listened to Travis’s wise words during my morning yoga practice, I am reminded to let go of that which no longer serves me in a positive way, to let go of those things that are obscuring health, wisdom, vitality and all those benevolent qualities that are innate. I set the intention to let go of the need to be dominate interactions, the need to always be right.

If you are still reading this newsletter until this paragraph, pause, contemplate and allow yourself some time for a deep reflection and dedicate this space to to let go of something in yourself that is no longer serving you. As Travis mentions, this could be as simple as letting go of sugar addiction or as daunting as letting go of a toxic relationship.


I am curious to hear what your key takeaways from this newsletter and the yoga class are. If you are new to yoga, the video recommended here may be slightly challenging after the first 18 minutes. But do check out his channel. He is one of my favorite instructors.

Written in Bangkok by Pin Chinnapat

Founder and Managing Director, The Mindful Tourist

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