TMT Founder, Pin Chinnapat, speaks at WSW Asia Online Conference on “Moving from Pampering Spa to Wellness with Preventive Healthcare and Active Aging”

Moving from pampering spa to wellness with preventive healthcare and active aging

June 21, 2021

The Mindful Tourist’s Founders, Pin Chinnapat, joins the industry experts to speak at World Spa & Wellness Asia Online Programme 2021.

World Spa and Wellness Asia is returning this year as an online conference and exhibition for Asia’s hotel and spa community covering the most topical issues facing the international spa and wellness sector.

“I’m delighted to be speaking at the World Spa and Wellness Asia Online conference. As my background and expertise is in luxury hotel spas, I will speak from a hotel spa/wellness’s perspective to make it relevant for other industry peers/listeners who would like to consider practices that could be embraced to be enhance the wellness offerings, and still be feasible and relevant, without having to overhaul the entire operations. I will also discuss creative ways to work with what we have to embody wellness into what we do,” commented Pin Chinnapat.



June 21, 2021 at 09:00 (UTC) Moving from pampering spa to wellness with preventive healthcare and active aging

Our panel introduces programmes and treatments that will help your spa stand out and genuinely change the lives of your customers. Find out what’s practical and suitable for you and your business.

Chair: Gopal Kumar, Director of Wellness, Kamalaya, Thailand

Chinnapat Veerasomboonsin, Director of Spa and Wellness, Capella Bangkok
Dusadee Tancharoen, Managing Director RAKxa Wellness, Bangkok, Thailand
Tinapa Himathongkam, Ph.D., Assistant Director Marketing, Theptarin Hospital, Thailand

Here are some of the questions which will be asked during the conference.

  1. Before we look at where we are going, I’d like to start with what we want to avoid. ‘Wellness washing’ is an industry term to describe a company that’s wellness offering exists mostly in its branding rather than any substance. It implies jumping on a trend as opposed to signifying a commitment to wellness. With an ever-more informed consumer, wellness-washing does not seem to be a viable strategy, certainly not in the long term. We want our audience to know how to avoid this. Can you give an example of a practice or service that seemed like ‘wellness washing’ to you?
  2. Wellness can be divided between ‘hard wellness’ referring to facilities, spaces, equipment and ‘soft wellness’ referring to treatments, therapies and services. Could you give one example of each of these found within your setting and how you feel it delivers wellness to your customer?
  3. Within the wellness arena, there is a growing call for a preventative approach to healthcare. This is reflected in the Global Wellness Institute’s 2021 Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease. Let’s get specific to help our audience understand what we mean by preventative healthcare. What are the best services or approaches you have seen that embody a preventative approach in your own or other settings?
  4. At Kamalaya, our brand’s key phrase is ‘feel life’s potential’. With various paths of expansion in the wellness field, how important is it to have a motto or ethos to centre your brand around, to provide guidance to stop you from trying to adopt every new wellness practice as it arises in the industry?
  5. Active aging is a concept promoted by the World Health Organisation, referring to promoting health and quality of life during our advanced years. Do you feel you are attracting more older consumers? And if so, how can we adapt our facilities and services to best cater to this demographic?
  6. Creating an environment that facilitates true health transformation requires that we step out of safety and our comfort zone – what do you find most challenging about being a leader in your wellness setting?
  7. What has been one of the largest financial investments your business has made to deepen your wellness offering?
  8. We know we want to go beyond ‘wellness washing’ and superficial rebranding – but if we truly adapt our business to deepen our wellness offering how can we use branding to communicate this true shift to our consumer?


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