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Meet Amy - our new Shinrin Yoku Instructor

Amy is an Awareness and Empowerment Coach, and Forest Bathing Guide.  Amy helps her clients step into and find what is true and real in themselves.  She loves to play, loves imagery and photography, and seeks out life that feels unique and fun.  So she is always seeking to find fun, playful ways to help the clients connect to themselves and she wants to share how incredibly joyful and supportive it is to be in nature. 

Over years of chasing after not believing she was “good enough”, and looking for the definition of her value outside of herself, Amy started to discover how much it helped getting more in tune with her body, learning to listen to her needs and how incredibly supportive it was just to be in nature.  It opened up new awarenesses in herself and helped her heal past pain from “needing to fit in” or “wanting to be wanted”.  She saw how much she was defining her value from what others thought of her, and how she looked outside of herself to be told her opinion, rather than finding it within.  As she stepped into this deeper awareness and connection in my body and that connection in nature, she found her loves and what was real and true in herself, and she found that real joy and happiness was not something she had to chase after, it started with in her.  Amy loves sharing the pure joy of being in nature, and wants to help others that find themselves chasing after happiness and never reaching it.

Amy is based on the west coast of the US in Washington state, and in Mexico City, Mexico.  

This is a great opportunity to announce that we are expanding our offerings to the USA and that Amy is graduating from the TMT Shinrin Yoku Instructor Training program! After successfully completing coursework and in-person training sessions (guide and instructor), is now a certified TMT Shinrin Yoku Instructor and equipped to guide others on the path to becoming TMT Shinrin Yoku Guides and to their nature connection and wellness. Amy’s dedication and commitment to this program are truly admirable, and I am confident that she will make a profound impact on the lives of guides in-training through the healing power of forest and our signature Guide Training. Congratulations, Amy, on this incredible achievement – I can’t wait to see all that you will accomplish as an instructor by being you! On the picture, Amy after completing her last instructor practice session. 

Connect with Amy by the below links:

We invite you to our  Shinrin Yoku Guide Training in Japan to deepen your connection with nature. 

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