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The Elements of a Shinrin Yoku Invitation: A Structured Guide to Invitations

The practice of Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing, invites us to immerse ourselves in the tranquility of nature and engage in a deep, personal journey of mindfulness and introspection. As we delve into a sample Shinrin Yoku invitation, let’s illuminate the integral components that guide participants through this enriching practice.


SHINRIN YOKU INVITATION EXAMPLE: Cultivating Sacred Connection with the Tree

Welcome to this Shinrin Yoku invitation. Before we begin, it’s important to acknowledge that while this practice encourages deep connection with nature, it’s crucial to be mindful of your physical and emotional well-being. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you should feel free to discontinue the practice and return to a secure and familiar space.

Today, I invite you to allocate around 40 to 50 minutes for this practice. Your task is to choose a tree in the forest and spend some time getting to know it, building a trusting relationship. Remember, there’s no ‘right’ way to do this. Encourage yourself to follow your intuition, move at your own pace, and respect your own boundaries.

Before setting off alone, take a moment to sit quietly and connect with your inner self. Reflect on a heartfelt wish or intention for this Shinrin Yoku experience. It could be a personal aspiration, a desire for insight, or a simple wish for peace and clarity.

As you begin your walk, keep your eyes open for a tree that catches your attention. When you find one that speaks to you, introduce yourself to the tree.

Place your hands on the trunk and offer a greeting in your own words. Then, spend time simply being with the tree. Observe its shape, its size, and the texture of its bark. Notice how it moves in the wind, and how the light filters through its leaves. 

As you continue to spend time with the tree, contemplate what it might need from you to build a trusting relationship. Perhaps it needs some space and time to get to know you, or it might benefit from regular visits and offerings of gratitude.

Reflect on what this tree might offer you in return for your trust and attention. It could provide a sense of grounding and stability, or it might offer insights into the cycles of growth and change.

When you’ve spent enough time with the tree, express your gratitude for its presence in your life, and for the lessons it has to offer. Pledge to continue to build this trusting relationship with the tree, treating it with the same respect and care that you would offer to a cherished friend.

As you’re ready to conclude this experience, take a deep breath and listen for the specific sound your guide will make with their mouth. This sound will be your signal to slowly end your session and return to the gathering spot.

Once everyone has returned, you’re invited to share your experience with the group. However, this is entirely optional and only if you feel comfortable. Some experiences are deeply personal and might be better cherished in silence. Finally, express thanks to the tree and the forest for the gifts they’ve given you.

Carry the wisdom of this relationship with you as you continue your journey through life. Remember, each Shinrin Yoku experience is unique, and the insights you gain from these sessions will continue to enrich your connection with nature and yourself.

Trust your intuition, honor your unique journey, and know that you are always exactly where you need to be.


So what are the core elements?

  1. Introduction & Disclaimer: The invitation sets the tone and expectations for safety, comfort, and the option to step away if necessary, providing a secure environment for the forthcoming solo experience.

  2. Time Dedication: The invitation highlights the need for dedicated personal time, clarifying that participants will spend 40 to 50 minutes in solitude with nature.

  3. Task Definition: It outlines the task of forming a personal relationship with a tree, an activity to be undertaken individually.

  4. Preparation & Intention Setting: Participants are guided to introspect and set personal intentions, initiating their solo journey on a mindful note.

  5. Solo Interaction with the Tree: The text provides guidance on how to interact with the chosen tree during the solo experience. It emphasizes mindful observation, personal interaction, and intuitive exploration.

  6. Reflection & Reciprocity: During the period of solitude, participants are encouraged to reflect upon their relationship with the tree, considering the mutual exchange of respect and potential benefits.

  7. Gratitude & Commitment: Participants are guided to express personal gratitude to the tree and make a commitment to maintain this relationship, underlining the individual commitment derived from their solo experience.

  8. Closure & Signal: The invitation offers instructions on how to gently conclude the solo session and integrate back into the collective experience, using a shared signal for a harmonious transition.

  9. Sharing of Solo Experience: If comfortable, participants are invited to share their personal experiences and insights gained during their solo time. This respects the personal nature of the experience, while also opening up space for communal sharing and learning.

  10. Final Gratitude & Carry-Forward: Finally, participants are encouraged to express gratitude for the overall experience and to carry the wisdom gained from their solo journey into their daily life, further highlighting the lasting value of the Shinrin Yoku practice.


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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