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Scholarship Announcement: Become a Certified Shinrin-Yoku Guide with SYA & The Mindful Tourist - 森の心・人の心

Are you passionate about the transformative power of Shinrin-Yoku, also known as “forest bathing”? Do you aspire to guide others through this enriching experience? If so, The Mindful Tourist: “森の心・人の心” has an incredible opportunity for you. We are thrilled to announce a scholarship for our upcoming 15-week Online Shinrin-Yoku Guide Training program.

What the Training Program Includes

Core Components

  • Weekly Meetings with Your Mentor: Personalized guidance to help you master the art of Shinrin-Yoku.
  • 3 Modules: Comprehensive training divided into three core modules for easier learning.
  • Theory Based on Japanese & International Literature: Gain insights from a wide range of authoritative sources.
  • 15 Invitations as Part of Your Self-Practice: Hands-on experience to deepen your understanding.

Additional Benefits

  • 20 Hours Worth of Practice (Minimum): Practical experience to solidify your learning.
  • Monthly Office Hours: Scheduled time for additional support and questions.
  • 24/7 Chat Support: Round-the-clock assistance for any queries.
  • Feedback on Assignments: Constructive evaluations to help you improve.

Resources and Materials

  • Examples of Terms & Conditions: Know what to expect and how to proceed.
  • Examples of Registration Form: Templates to help you organize your own Shinrin-Yoku sessions.
  • Examples of Shinrin-Yoku Protocols: Guidelines to ensure effective and safe practice.

Community and Discounts

  • 1-Year Access to the Platform: Long-term access to all resources.
  • Weekly Readings and Assignments: Regular material to keep you engaged and learning.
  • International Community: Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.
  • 30% Discount on Shinrin-Yoku Invitation Bank: Exclusive offers for additional resources.
  • Annual Subscription to Shinrin-Yoku Association: Stay updated with the latest trends and research.

Scholarship Details

  • Training Date: November 23rd, Thursday, 4 pm GMT-3, conducted in English
  • Discount: Receive a 50% discount on the total price of the training, reducing the cost from USD 799 to USD 399.
  • Application Deadline: November 1, 2023 – we will notify you by November 7

How to Apply

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

Complete the form with all the required details to initiate your scholarship application.

Step 2: Tag Three People on Instagram

Go to Instagram and find any of the Scholarship Announcement posts (labeled as 1, 2, or 3) on our page. Tag three people who you think would be interested in this scholarship opportunity or the practice of Shinrin-Yoku.

Step 3: Follow Us on Instagram

Follow The Mindful Tourist: “森の心・人の心” on Instagram at @shinrin_yoku_guide_trainings to stay updated on the latest news, tips, and more related to Shinrin-Yoku.

This is a unique opportunity to become a certified guide in the art of Shinrin-Yoku. With comprehensive training, abundant resources, and a supportive community, you’ll be well-equipped to guide others through this transformative experience. Apply for the scholarship today and take the first step toward a fulfilling and impactful career.


Venture on a memorable path with our 10-week Shinrin Yoku Guide Training program accredited by Shinrin Yoku Association . This journey merges the accessibility of online learning with an enriching immersion in the serene forests of Japan. 🌳🇯🇵

Embark on your online adventure with flexible scheduling (GMT-3, Argentina Time) 🖥️🌐:
(More dates available online!)

Continue your transformative journey with a 5-day retreat nestled in the peaceful woodlands of Nara, Japan 🏞️🎑:
🍂 October 2-6, 2023
🍂 October 9-13, 2023


The Mindful Tourist
Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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