Organic Farm Stay in Nara

A guest house with an organic farm in a quiet mountain area in Nara.


A place where there is “nothing”.

Life at this farm is anchored in the Japanese traditional of shared community, simplicity, sustainability and harmony. We offer guests an opportunity to experience life closely connected to nature that celebrates the richness of each of the four seasons in Japan, and to cultivate inner peace, being content with what you have, and rejoicing in the way things are.

It is a wonderful place to slow down, enjoy nature through a walk in the mountains or relax in the traditional Japanese tatami guesthouse.

What you should expect

  • Traditional Japanese farm house with futon or mattresses on tatami floor (No Western bed frame )
  • Some rooms are shared – If a single room is preferred, additional fee applies
  • Shared bathroom and toilet – It is really common in traditional Japanese houses
  • Wi-fi internet access is available, but the signal is weak (Perfect for digital detox)
  • The place is in the middle of nowhere – perfect for nature lovers (A great chance to spend time contemplating life )
  • Some insects and small animals (Fun!)
  • No grocery store or convenient store nearby (Cooking your own food is way healthier!)
  • Free access to the kitchen and dining room, with a fireplace
  • Organic vegetables in the farm are available and feel free to help yourself to them