Located in Higashiyama district, Vegan Minshuku Sanbiki Neko run by Craig and Helen Addams, is near to many of Kyoto’s famous tourist attractions such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Gion shopping and Geisha district, Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Kyoto National Museum, Tofukiji Temple and Sanjūsangen-dō Temple. It is only 15 minutes to Tofukuji train station and 20 minutes to Shichijo train station on foot.

A “minshuku” is a family operated, Japanese-style bed and breakfast, usually with a shared bathroom. At Vegan Minshuku Sanbiki Neko, things are a little special with all rooms equipped with en suite bathroom and dining area and common area being western style, offering extra privacy and comfort.

What you should expect

  • Newly completed building in 2018, with all new fittings, in a quiet residential area of Kyoto
  • Japanese style rooms, each with an en suite bathroom, and futon or mattresses on tatami floor
  • Decent Wi-fi internet access in all area
  • A fully vegan facility for people living a plant-based lifestyle. Of course, everyone is welcome, vegan, vegetarian or those just looking for a tasty and healthy lifestyle
  • Breakfasts are served in the dining room, providing a nutritious and tasty fully cooked vegan breakfast
  • In the common area: Tea and coffee making facilities, a microwave oven, refrigerator and television
  • Dining room and social area, laundry and commercial kitchen