3-Hour Forest Bathing Explorer in Kyoto

Discover the traditional Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku or “forest therapy” – an opportunity to connect mindfully with the senses and immerse in the healing power of nature. As sunlight filters through the treetops, casting a dancing dappled light, one gains a renewed sense of clarity and vitality – a wonder in itself.

Perfect for

  • Those who to learn the Japanese secrets to wellness and longevity
  • Those who would like to incorporate healthy activity into travel itinerary
  • Those who would like to explore the nature and off-the beaten path of Kyoto
  • Those who are looking for a relaxing and healing experience to connect with nature
  • Those who love receiving a good massage and get grounded in the nature

What we’ll do

This is a half day experience, taking about 3 hours. You will experience a guided Shinrin Yoku, literally ‘forest bathing’, a therapy that was developed in Japan in 80’s, becoming a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. It is proven effective for reductions in stress, anger, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. This is not exercise or hiking. It is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Shinrin-yoku is like a bridge. By opening our senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world. We will then meditate and lie down on the ground surrounded by trees which helps you to feel grounded and connected to the earth’s healing energy. Grounding and foot, head, back neck and shoulder massage, all done outdoor, are included. Some of the combined benefits of these therapies include deep relaxation, release of tension and stress, alleviate energy blockage, toxin cleanse and strengthening of immune system. End the session feeling rejuvenated and energized.

What else you should know

It’s an easy hike of approximately 5 kilometers and should take about 1.5 – 2 hours with an elevation of 200-300m( basic-moderate level of fitness required). Relaxing and healing massage included during meditation and being grounded.

What We’ll provide

  • 3-hour guided Forest Bathing tour in the trail of Higashimaya, Kyoto, Japan
  • 30 minutes of foot, head back neck & shoulder massage

What to bring

  • Open mind and fun spirit
  • Trainers or hiking shoes
  • Comfortable clothes suitable for the weather and meditation
  • Drinking water for the hike
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Rain jacket or umbrella, if required

Price: USD90/person