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Learn the art and the science of forest bathing at our training ground in Singapore and get certified as a Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Guide. This course is a prerequisite for TMT Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Instructor Certification Training Level 2.

Forest Bathing Training Singapore​


Learn to slow down and pace yourself to the rhythm of nature. Expand and deepen your knowledge on the healing powers of nature. Focus on what matters to your well-being and be inspired to serve others doing what you love.


Achieve a healthy balance in your daily life. Experience profound personal growth and development, and help transform lives as a certified forest bathing guide, nature-based holistic wellness practitioner or corporate nature & well-being coach.


Learn ways to appreciate big cities' "constructed and manicured nature". Share the insights with your clients and show them that they, too, can practice forest bathing and enjoy the benefits of the green spaces in the cities regularly.

TMT Singapore Services​

TMT Forest bathing Certification training

Join a live Forest Bathing Certification Training in Singapore. This level 1 training broadens your horizon on forest bathing, environmental psychology and holistic wellness. Deepen your knowledge on the art and the science of the domain with TMT Shinrin Yoku curriculum which provides you with a solid foundation to be a forest bathing guide.

Nature Coaching

On top of the benefits from Shinrin-Yoku / Forest Bathing, a Nature Coaching experience further deepens the connection you have with nature and yourself, and enhances your level of appreciation, understanding and introspection of life and the universe. Learn more.

Nature art therapy

“Equilibrium”: A state of balance, especially between different forces or influences. Any disturbance to the body’s state of equilibrium can produce stress. Similar to an ecosystem, we human beings too, are susceptible to imbalances both emotionally and physically. And such an imbalance, if not addressed and managed, will take its toll on us and negatively impact our lives in one way or another over time. Learn more.

"Find your own definition of well-being."

I came across this phrase above which had me reflecting. 🍃 I have never quite thought of it that way, but in a sense its so true. Just like definition of success and happiness, well-being is so personal and should mean something different for everybody. And while our social media and google search results are more intensely than ever before filled with the "whats" and "hows" of being well, don't forget, that you need to find what works for you and blindly adopt and follow what everyone else is saying. 🌟 Go on that adventure and while doing so, enjoy sharings and learnings of others, but at the end of the day, make the journey, and the destination, your own.
Kate Jieying Yip
Kate Jieying Yip- TMT Certified Instructor

If nature has touched your life in some ways and your interest and curiosity have lead you here on our website, it is probably a good indication that you would like to turn this affinity for nature into something tangible. Our Forest Bathing training courses have helped and guided students to turn their passions into a lifestyle, a purpose, a career, a business.

Let us show you how this training could help you align your goals, add values to your life, and following your inner guidance to ensure that you are living your very unique purpose.

How You Could Benefit From Our
Forest Bathing Training in Singapore

  • You will learn how to live in harmony with nature and maintain a balanced state of mind in everyday living and different trying situations you will encounter in life. Learn how to be kind to yourself and take better care of people close to you.
  • You will learn alternate and gentle ways to heal hearts, minds and bodies. Shinrin Yoku training is particularly useful for health, fitness and wellness professionals and may be used to enhance the effectiveness of other wellness modalities practiced by professionals in the fields of, including, but not limited to yoga, mindfulness, naturopathy, psychotherapy, massage therapy, meditation, energy healing, somatic movement and medicine.
  • You will learn how to incorporate the newly acquired nature connectedness skills into your existing skills and create a truly unique healing experiences for your clients.
  • You will learn about one of the most important aspects of our everyday living, natural unprocessed food and conscious eating. What we consume, how much and when all affect our well-being (discussed in detail in Level 2).
  • You will learn to better follow the rhythm of nature and how being one with nature can heal your body, mind and soul.
  • You will learn skills to impart knowledge, pay attention to your clients’ well-being and guide them to a relaxing state where they are fully present.
  • You will also learn important commercial skills and be inspired to create your own path to monetize your passions and find balance in life.

The Mindful Tourist Singapore is a subsidiary of The Mindful Tourist, a well-being education company that offers Forest Bathing Training in Singapore and worldwide. Its training approach is approved and curriculum is designed by The Mindful Tourist. Only TMT Forest Bathing Instructors certified by The Mindful Tourist are granted the permission to teach classes and issue certificates to maintain its training integrity.

TMT Forest Bathing Certification Training - Level 1 (Singapore)

SGD 2,550 / person
  • Practitioner's Forest Bathing and mindfulness training
  • 10 x Practice Sessions
  • 1-year Access to The Mindful Space
  • A certification upon successful completion of the program
  • 60-hour accreditation by TMT
  • Be a part of an international community
  • The right to set up TMT retreat in your own country
  • Eligibility to be featured on Forest Bathe Around the World
  • Listing on The Mindful Tourist website showcasing your profile and a link to your business

Upcoming Certification Training

TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1
October 15 – December 20, 2021 

Time to be announced


Your Benefits

Reflection & Practice

5 weekly Online group sessions (1.5h/weekly)

5-day hands-on training (5h/day) – tailored your needs

10-hour in-forest practice

TMT reflective practice

Tailored to individual differences

TMT active approach to learning

Mentoring & Consulting

1 x 60-minute Check-out Session

Support when you need it during the training

1 x 60-minute Forest Bathing/wellness business consultation

1-year access to The Mindful Space (a level-1 learning platform)

Level Up

Register NOW and get $200 credit for your Level 2 training in Japan or Thailand, or $100 credit for your online Level 2 training, and get certified to teach as a TMT Forest Bathing

The Mindful Space Immersion & Online Training

Training Outline

Forest Bathing Training Singapore​

The Mindful
Forest Bathing (Online)
Week 1-5

1. Orientation & Foundation

2. TMT Practice Guidelines & Code of Conduct  

3. Forest Bathing: The Roots

4.  The Science of Nature & Connectedness 

5. Your Shinrin Yoku Session 

Forest Bathing Training Singapore​

The Mindful
Forest Bathing (Immersion)
Day 1-5

1. Orientation & Getting Started

2. Exploring Senses I

3. Exploring Senses II

4. Creative You

5. Your Shinrin Yoku Session & Completion

Hello, my name is Kate. I am the founder of The Backyard Bathers, the owner of The Mindful Tourist Singapore, Forest Bathing guide and TMT Shinrin Yoku instructor.

I am neither a Zen master, nor an artist. I am neither a psychotherapist, nor an ecologist. I am a city dweller accustomed to being in an urban setting on a day-to-day basis, plugged into technology and being charged up most times of the day, zooming in and out of heavy human and road traffic, popping in and out of high-rise apartments, skyscrapers and underground malls. Just one who secretly possesses a biophilia trait, is a closet daydreamer and feels hidden joy from creating things with my hands. 

Before I started taking long lone nature walks, discovered the practice of forest bathing and founded The Backyard Bathers all in the fateful year of 2020, I was unhappy, unhealthy (physically, mentally and emotionally) and unfulfilled. It felt like I was constantly overwhelmed by the intensity and pressures of society and city life, yet putting up a controlled front while leading an underwhelming existence. 

Which is why I “get” my clients (affectionately known as my “bathers”), appreciate their perspectives and can relate to them. By listening to their stories and respecting their paces, I personalise each mindful walk, forest bathing session and my guiding approach accordingly, to offer an authentic experience for each one of them to connect with nature and with themselves. 

Walk by walk, “bath” by “bath”, client by client, I aspire to bring happiness and holistic wellness to others like myself. With time, I hope to build a forest bathing community here in the backyard of my home, Singapore, the City in Nature.

TMT Singapore’s Owner & Certified Instructor

Kate Jieying Yip

A Message from TMT Founders

Here is what I know about Kate. She graduated with a business degree, finance major, first class honors, from the no. 1 university in Singapore, NUS. She has had an impressive career progression working for several years at a managerial and directorial roles for companies such as Ernst & Young and Credit Suisse. Despite being damned good at her trade and what seems like success to most people, Kate was burned out and unfulfilled. The intensity and pressures of city life and society caused her to look for a change. She left the corporate world behind and reinvented herself, pursuing her calling, fearlessly. Kate joined our training back in October 2020. Recently certified in level 2 as a TMT instructor, I am confident that Kate will lead The Mindful Tourist Singapore with value and integrity. Thanks to her journey and experience, her teaching approach and the training location is ideal for those of you who reside in big cities, having a fast-paced life. You will be inspired by Kate to see the possibility of taking a step back to leap forward. Your success might not look successful to the people around you but it will feel successful to you internally.

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Planning Ahead!

After you complete your TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide  – Level 1 training, you may aspire to take your passion and what you have learn to the next level. Here is how TMT Forest Bathing Instructor Training (Level 2) could help you align your goals, add values to your life, and following your inner guidance to ensure that you are living your very unique purpose.

Please note that we only accept a limited number of instructors per year to maintain our healthy student-instructor ratio. Your performance, work ethics and integrity assessed during your Forest Bathing Guide Training (Level 1) will determine whether your application will be accepted.