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The Mindful Tourist networks with selected Forest Bathing guides around the world to offer you some very unique and authentic Forest Bathing experiences in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Join in person in your local forests or participate virtually from home.

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IN PERSON: 2-hour Mindful Walking & Forest Bathing in City’s Nature

Can you remember the last time you were surrounded by nature with no particular objective or goal in mind, lost track of time and direction, and focused your attention on elements of nature instead of your mobile phone or the tracker on your wrist?

That, you experience when you take a slow, mindful walk in nature. Also known as forest bathing, or Shinrin Yoku, by the Japanese who are believed to have developed the practice that has since become a tradition. It is when you immerse yourself in nature, be present in the moment and take in the natural atmosphere through your senses, do you start to bring your rhythm in sync with nature and bridge the gap with the natural world.

Come along and join me for such a walk, where you will be led on a leisurely stroll through thoughtfully curated parts of the Gardens, and be guided through activities which will encourage the mindful engagement of your senses. You may be invited to gaze at drifting clouds, smell blooming roses, listen out for elusive bird songs, feel the contrast between smooth leaves and rough barks, and open your mouth to taste the raindrops falling from the sky. The session will wrap up over light refreshments and simple reflections.

Suitable for individual, couples and friends.

Mexico City, Mexico

IN PERSON: 4-hour or overnight sense experiences

“Sense Experiences” are forest bathing with a somatic approach designed to integrate our physical body, mind, spirit and emotional being with nature through somatic movement and ancient practices of Japanese culture. There are 4 words that are like a mantra to me and I consider them the core essence of this project, those 4 words are: Heartfelt, Sensation, Emotion, Meaning and Perception.

Close your eyes, imagine the sound of a waterfall, the song of birds, the sound of the leaves of the trees dancing with the wind.

Take a deep breath.

Come and experience this truly unique nature immersion experience with Lucía in Mexico!

Suitable for individual, couples, friends and corporate groups.

Stockholm, Sweden

IN PERSON: 2-hour Shinrin-yoku in Nacka

Be guided to the sensory journey and learn to appreciate and connect with the nature around you in a mindful manner.

In this Shinrin-yoku experience, Priscilla will guide you through your senses of sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. With every step in the beautiful forest of Stockholm, you will be one with nature like never before.

Would you like to disconnect from the worries of the week and relax for a while? Do you want to experience forest with the season’s colors and feelings in a unique way? So, you are invited to come to the forest bathing session with Priscilla!

Suitable for individual, couples, friends and corporate groups.

Kyoto, Japan

ONLINE: 75-minute Forest Bathe in Kyoto’s Sacred Mountain

Most tourists visit Fushimi Inari Shrine for the thousand torii gates, but rarely do they delve deeper into the shrine’s history and tradition. Learn about Shinto rituals and how forest bathing is done at one of Kyoto’s oldest shrines (founded 1,300 years ago!)

We have recorded high-quality video that will make it seem that you are really at one with the forest at Fushimi Inari. We will visit shrines for various gods to learn what Shinto gods are like and witness the rituals used to appeal to them.

During this Forest Bathing trip, we will look at 4 ways people meditate here at Fushimi Inari. You’ll learn to how do breath meditation at a sacred waterfall in a secret part of the shrine that tourists normally miss out on.

Suitable for Japan travel lovers, individuals, couples, friends and corporate groups.

Maarn, The Netherlands

ONLINE: 50-min EcoNIDRA™ – Where Shavasana Meets Nature Connection

EcoNIDRA™ – The Art of Transformational Relaxation

Imagine yourself laying down on your back and being guided on a journey through your body, senses and a series of nature-based visualizations and soundscapes. Your mind, emotions and body are relaxing in such a deep way that it may make you feel more refreshed than after a couple of hours of sleep. This is the power of yoga nidra, a guided visualization technique with ancient roots and scientifically proven transformational effects.

Suitable for couples, friends, corporate groups and people under quarantine or lockdown.

Bangkok, Thailand

IN PERSON: 90-min Forest Bathing & Meditative Sensory Journey in the Park


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. Restore your body and mind with our Forest Bathing experience in a beautiful park in Bangkok.

Lie down on the grass surrounded by trees which helps you to feel grounded and connected to the earth’s healing energy. I will guide you through the sensory journey to help you reach a meditative state where you can be profoundly relaxed and aware.

Dry massage and stretching OR reiki energy healing, all done outdoor, are included. Some of the combined benefits of these therapies include deep relaxation, release of tension and stress, alleviate energy blockage, toxin cleanse and strengthening of immune system. End the session feeling rejuvenated.

Suitable for families with children, couples, friends and corporate groups.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IN-PERSON: The Forever Young Project

Alternative and fun way to discover Rio de Janeiro.

The Forever Young’s Project mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle in urban areas.

With a unique experience you will be connected with the 5 elements fire, earth, water, air and ether. This is done through activities that vary from watching a beautiful sunrise, to hiking in Tijuca’s forest , seeing waterfalls, experiencing fresh air and tasting the best flavors in the city.

Allen will take you to his favorite escapes, away from the city’s crowds. Every day is a new surprise!

Suitable for couples, friends and travelers exploring off-the-beaten paths of Rio de Janeiro

Sintra, Portugal

ONLINE: The Meditative Art of Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is a form of nature therapy practiced in Japan by basking in the atmosphere of the forest, fully taking it in through your senses.

For this relaxing virtual experience, you can join from your living room, your backyard, your balcony or your garden.

Nature therapy allows us to slow down, be present and stabilize our nervous system. This helps to find healthy ways to self-regulate. A much needed practice in these stressful times.


Suitable for couples, friends and corporate team building, looking to reconnect with your colleagues and team mates while working from home.

Doorn, The Netherlands

IN-PERSON: Shinrin-Yoku Forest Experience

A guided Forest Bathing trip is full of nature and human connections. This Forest Bathing trip will help you to relax, recharge your batteries, improve your moods and concentration. It will also boost your immune system, slow down the stream of thoughts and improve creativity.

An expert guide, Kat Novotna, will help you slow down, guide you through your sensory journey, away from the busy stream of habitual thinking. During this forest bathing trip, I will support you to reconnect with your own body, while not disturbing its own process.

Suitable for couples, friends and travelers exploring off-the-beaten paths of Doorn

The Mindful Tourist brings people together for culturally authentic and healthfully unforgettable nature immersion experiences. Explore off-the-beaten trails or participate in exclusively curated nature experiences through our global Forest Bathing guide network, get deeply connected to nature, discover your inner peace, go back revitalized. We make memories and friends in nature, while cultivating mindfulness.

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