Frequently Asked Questions - Shinrin Yoku Guide Training Certification Program

Thank you for your interests on our Shinrin Yoku Guide Training Certification Program. We train students from different countries around the world and many of our students are wellness practitioners already practicing several different modalities in their home countries. The ideas of incorporating Forest Bathing into their existing healing practices and providing their therapies in a more natural environment or take their practice “outside” appeals to many of our students for several obvious reasons. Some of our students started with being a forest and nature enthusiasts themselves and have turned this passion into a viable business related to health, wellness and adventure.

Where does the training take place?

Level 1 Forest Bathing Guide: This is a 15-week training, conducted online.

Level 2 Forest Bathing Instructor: There are 2 main locations for our training, Japan and Thailand. We chose Japan because it is where Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing was originated and Thailand because of its stunning rainforest. You will actively participate in an authentic forest bathing practice and along the journey, you will disconnect from the fast-paced life and reconnect deeply with Mother Nature.

You will also learn certain aspects of Japanese mindfulness cultures such as Zen, Ichigo Ichie and Ikigai and incorporate these mindful practices to enrich your existing wellness healing practices. The training will also allow you to experience Japanese and Thai culture in a wellness and mindfulness context.

What if the training dates available do not suit my schedule?

Because our training group is generally small, the training periods may be altered to suit your needs. Please contact us and we will work out the best schedule for you.

It is worth mentioning that if you have a small group and would rather that we organize a certification training program in your home country, we do have a Visiting Master program where we travel to you. For more information, click here

Do I get a discount if I join with a friend?

We do offer a discount if you bring a friend. Please contact or follow us on Instagram @the_mindful_tourist for more information.

How do I commercially incorporate Forest Bathing into my career?

During Shinrin Yoku Guide Training Certification Program, you will learn many creative ways to turn your passion into a part-time weekend job and, if so desire, eventually a successful business that is aligned with your lifestyle and life goals. Learn how to leverage your skills and unfair advantages, and use the wisdom of nature connectedness and Forest Bathing practice in your own culture to design a program relevant to your location and potential clients.

We also provide a business consultation, online, after the completion of the program. Through TMT Connected Community, you will have the right to open “The Mindful Tourist – (your hometown)”.

Do something today your future self will thank you for. Small changes eventually add up to huge results.

What will I learn?

  • How to practice Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing
  • Zen practice through meditation and mindful walking
  • The art and science behind Forest Bathing
  • How to engage your five senses while out in nature
  • How Forest Bathing can help promote better sleep, improve mood and boost immune system and how to guide your clients to the achieve the same results
  • How positive psychology could help you lead a healthier and happier life
  • How to design your own tour itinerary
  • How to lead a successful tour
  • What alternative healing could be incorporated in the tour programs
  • Customer service excellence
  • How to tap into growing interests on health and wellness sector
  • How to create a business out of your passion

What if my plan changes after signing up?

All bookings are eligible for a reschedule, as long as an advanced notice is given to us by writing an email to Note that any booking credit or rescheduling must take place within 12 months of your original reservation, and can be used by you, your family members or your friends. However, program prices, dates and locations may change without notice and any variance in the training fee shall be paid in full prior to joining. Terms and conditions will be specified in the invoice.

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