What is The Mindful Space?

The Mindful Space is The Mindful Tourist’s online learning platform for Forest Bathing students who would like to get certified to lead a Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing tours.

What will I get after signing up?

The Mindful Space provides a seamless training experience online. By signing up you will receive:

After being certified, what’s next?

Certified students can start putting what you learn into practice immediately by professionally guiding a Forest Bathing or nature therapy groups.

In fact, as part of the learning process, your online program includes practical training, which involves going out to the forest to connect with nature, and leading a small group of people to enjoy the benefits of being in nature.

How many levels of certification are there?

There are 2 levels to our program.

Students who enroll in the 15-week Shinrin Yoku online training program via The Mindful Space are awarded with TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1.

Read more about levels here.

What if I don’t live near to the forest?

There are wonderful health benefits of just being outside; the fresh air, the greenery that relaxes the eyes, the breeze that soothes your skin. If you don’t have the luxury of living near to the forest, going to a park and speeding some time on grass and under the trees is equally relaxing. You may choose your local park as a venue to complete your assignments.

How long do I have to complete the program?

The 15-week group discussion is usually scheduled in 15 consecutive weeks and in batches.

The access to The Mindful Space is valid for 1 year from the date you start your online course. This is the place where you can log in any time during your 15-week training or after it to immerse yourself in nature therapy, forest bathing and wellness related reading materials.

After completing the Level 1 online program, how long do I have to join the 4-day/3-night intensive in-nature Shinrin Yoku Guide Training Certification Program?

We recommend that you complete the in-nature program within 1 year of the completion of your online training. This is to ensure you learning process and practice is continuous. Do note that the training credit is valid for 1 year after the day you complete the program, so it is best to take advantage of that.