How to Become a Shinrin Yoku Guide

There are two ways one can become a Shinrin Yoku guide.

In Japan, Shinrin Yoku is a daily practice for many people. If you happen to live in Japan and speak the language, you may ask these individuals who are well versed in the practice to guide you. They may not be officially certified in the practice, however they are the real deal. They live and breathe the experience.

The Unorthodox Way

The first, and rather unusual, way is to live and breathe the practice like the Japanese (who do Shinrin Yoku). To tell you the truth, this profession is not a regulated one, at least, not at the time of writing this article. Therefore, if you have a deep understanding of what Shinrin Yoku practice is and are confident that you can safely guide people to have that level of awareness of their senses, we would say you could potentially develop your own Shinrin Yoku practice system.

This route requires that you do your own research on the science, religiously practice the art of Shinrin Yoku and experience the profound healing benefits by yourself. Then, develop your own style of practice to share it with other people in a systematic manner. In developing your own practice and techniques, you may want to keep safety and ethical conducts in the forefront of your mind. You may combine your knowledge in other holistic health modalities to bring about the healing effects of the integrated practice.

However, most people could use some guidance and training on how to become a Shinrin Yoku guide.

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The Formal Training

The second way is to sign up for a Shinrin Yoku training course at a good and reputable institution.

It may be enticing to consider enrolling in a course based on the price and the duration. In the era of quick fix, many are looking to acquire a new skill with the least financial and time investment. If you are one of those who collect certificates to impress your employers, but are not actually going to make Forest Bathing part of your business idea, then we would say go for the Introduction to Forest Bathing course available on Udemy. You will be certified in Forest Bathing in an hour with a merest investment of USD 40. But you get what you pay for, brevity.

Google is a very powerful research tool, so do note that a lot of what is taught in programs like this is available online. In fact, we have summarized all you need to know about Shinrin Yoku in our webpage, “The Definitive Guide to Shinrin Yoku Training,” the link of which is at the end of this page.

My two cents is if you are considering a quick-fix course like the above, you may learn more by participating in a virtual Airbnb Forest Bathing experience. Experiencing Forest Bathing firsthand, as a client, you will get to see how the guides choose their locations, conduct their experiences and deploy mindfulness techniques to connect all your senses. Subsequently, you could research the rest, such as Shinrin Yoku definition and history, online. Here are a few Forest Bathing experiences we have handpicked and are worth trying.

For further reading, check out How to Choose the Best Forest Bathing Course for an in-depth information on each criterion to consider.

The Definitive Guide to Shinrin Yoku Training

Here is all you need to know about Shinrin Yoku training. Comprehensive information on how to become a certified guide and instructor, how to choose the right institution, the career path of certified Shinrin Yoku guide and instructor, the health benefits of Shinrin Yoku, how to practice Shinrin Yoku by yourself, how to design a Shinrin Yoku trips or retreats, how to create a business around the idea of Shinrin Yoku and more.

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