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The Mindful Tourist is growing our network and is offering authentic nature immersion experiences to our international nature-lover community. Join us to showcase your work. Go on and share your passions with the world. 

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What is Forest Bathe Around The World?

Forest Bathe Around The World was originally created to showcase the work of our students who were certified as a TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1 and 2. The idea is to support The Mindful Tourist’s students to follow their passions and perhaps turn them into a profession. 

With the mission to promote Shinrin Yoku to a wider group of audience, this project has evolved to be a more inclusive one and we invite selected Shinrin Yoku guides around the world who meet our standards of client care, ethical conduct and authenticity, regardless of where they are certified, to offer a wide variety of Shinrin Yoku styles and wellness practices promoting nature connectedness, in beautiful locations.

How to feature your experiences on Forest Bathe Around the World?

Experience Forest Bathing by lying on the ground enjoying the silence and the sounds of nature

If you have a passion for the forest and lead nature-related activities, we would like to feature your work here on our website.

It does not matter where you are in the world. Our website visitors are generally people who enjoy spending time in nature, travelers, wellness practitioners, therapists and fitness fanatics. Our platform gives you a targeted exposure to international community of nature lovers and well-being experience seekers and we will connect them with you.

Please fill out this form and we will review your submission.

Remark: TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guides Level 1 and 2 are automatically eligible to showcase their work in this section as part of their graduation assignment.

What kind of experiences are eligible

We are looking for personalized and authentic nature immersion experiences, in-person or online. We welcome Shinrin Yoku guides who are certified from all institutions, as long as you offer original and client-focused nature immersion activities and uphold high ethical standards. We also welcome wellness practitioners of other modalities who may or may not be trained in Shinrin Yoku and we invite you to share your passion with us, as long as your therapies, experiences or activities involve spending time in nature, be it in the parks, backyards or forests.

In addition to the original Shinrin Yoku of Forest Bathing experience, our clients are interested in wellness modalities such as the below, done in nature.

  • Yoga
  • Life coach
  • Meditation
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Psychotherapy
  • Fitness
  • Bodywork therapies
  • Energy healing
  • Spa sessions
  • Wilderness immersion and ecotherapy
  • Breathwork
  • Herbal medicine
  • Naturopathy

Our Featured Experiences

Connect and Be One with Nature - Around The World

How much service fee does TMT charge for experiences and why?

It is completely free to get listed on our website and we only retain the fee when you receive a booking through our website. If you are already listed on Airbnb as  an experience host and have an active listing there, we will simply share your work here as an Airbnb Associate. In this case, nothing will change for you and you will continue to host through Airbnb, and we support you by giving you more exposure by displaying your experiences here.

There are 3 tiers of service fee, applied for when a booking for your experience is secured from our website.

  • It is completely free for TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guides Level 1 and 2
  • 15% for the general public
  • 20% for TMT scholarship students who are still on the scholarship bond. The percentage will be adjusted to 10%, once the obligation in the bond is fulfilled.

We charge a service fee for experiences to help cover the costs of the promoting your experiences, taking care of client inquiries, and providing general support. This allows you to focus on mastering your crafts and providing the best client care.

How the amount is calculated

The amount of the service fee is calculated from the price that you set for your experience in the Google Forms submitted. TMT may mark up the price you specify on the form, as appropriate. This markup goes to our marketing and administrative fees to promote all trips available on our website.

You may adjust the price for your trip any time and all you have to do is to connect with us. Clients who are browsing experiences are shown the total price that they will pay to book, including the markup.

How service fees are paid

Your payments will be paid via PayPal or other online payment services we deem appropriate, 24 hours after the experience is completed. TMT automatically withholds service fees from host payouts after a completed booking. You will be paid your earnings with the service fees already removed. In addition, you will bear the international transfer fee charged by the payment service companies. In order to minimize this fee, you could inform us to transfer the money when your account reach, say, $100, instead of having your earning transferred each time. This PayPal fee is generally 3.9% to 4.2% + THB 11 (Thai Baht) per transaction.

Dispute and refund

In case of a dispute and your client requests a refund for a booking that was already completed, please contact us and we will mediate the dispute.

To get featured, please fill out the form or contact us.

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