Co-Founder, Program Creative Director and Master Instructor of The Mindful Tourist

Hello there,

I actually never know what to answer when asked “Tell me something about yourself? Who are you?” 

Such an easy question – what seems to be – to answer for so many. 



My career path has been rather unusual, but that is ok. It does feel at times as if my journey is never-ending.  

Several years ago, I came to realize that I was sexually abused as a child. Venturing into the forests of Kyoto saved me. We do experience many traumas in our life, big T-traumas and small t-traumas and it is for no one to say “such a little thing you are crying over”. Actually, no one knows how is to be you. At times, we do not even know how it is to be ourselves. 

What I have learned from my many trips into the forest is to feel what I feel without becoming exhausted and overwhelmed. I have learned to take ownership of my mind and body. I do still struggle at times – but that is all right. 

I spent several years teaching in higher education sector in Japan and also got my doctoral degree in engineering from a Japanese university; I am MSc Psychology candidate. For these reasons, the training is science-based and approach used in our training is of student-centered nature.

It is my pleasure to meet you.

Here are some of my projects and my profile.

The Lost Childhood Association 
Research Gate
The Raw Emotion Project
Other Books Projects

Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) Poems & Haiku is a selection of poems and haiku written originally in Japanese and translated into English in times of sadness, awe, and emotional awakening; inspired by wandering in forests of Japan and Poland.

ISBN: 978-83-960363-9-1 (Ebook)

ISBN: 978-83-961591-0-6 (Paperback)

Available now on Amazon

TMT Forest Bathing Workbook

The 1st edition of TMT’s workbook for our Shinrin Yoku Guides (Level 1).

The workbook is available in The Mindful Library (you have to be a member to access the workbook).

ISBN: 978-83-960363-2-2