Co-Founder, CEO, Program Creative Director and Master Instructor of The Mindful Tourist

TMT Co-founder, Training Creative Director, & Head Instructor (PhDEng, MChem, MScPsy Candidate)

Milena has spent nearly 17 years abroad, including 10 years in Japan. She first encountered Japanese culture when she went on a one-year internship in Japan during her studies in England. That year changed her life. After graduating with a degree in chemistry, she relocated to Japan with the purpose of embarking on a PhD course in engineering, applied physics. During this time, explored the forests and cultural corners of Japan and taught at universities using ‘reflective education’ and a ‘student-centered approach’.

It was in the forest that she found her path and ‘befriended’ her past filled with sexual abuse. It was there that she found her creative soul and the goodness within herself that still accompanies her until these days. 

Her belief in the goodness of people and connection to nature, her academic background, knowledge of teaching methods and the Japanese language have allowed her to create informative trainings.

This year, Milena will be completing her MSc in Psychology degree at Derby University, and her research project addresses the role of nature in regulating emotions. 

Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) Poems & Haiku is a selection of poems and haiku written originally in Japanese and translated into English in times of sadness, awe, and emotional awakening; inspired by wandering in forests of Japan and Poland.

ISBN: 978-83-960363-9-1 (Ebook)

ISBN: 978-83-961591-0-6 (Paperback)

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TMT Forest Bathing Workbook

The 1st edition of TMT’s workbook for our Shinrin Yoku Guides (Level 1).

The workbook is available in The Mindful Library (you have to be a member to access the workbook).

ISBN: 978-83-960363-2-2