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TMT Online Forest Bathing Instructor Certification Training - Level 2

This online Forest Bathing Instructor training enables you to teach and certify students as a TMT Instructor. Learn the art and the science behind forest bathing and get certified as a Shinrin Yoku Instructor. Enroll in the Conversion Program, if you already are certified in Forest Bathing by other Forest Bathing organizations.

Online Forest Bathing Instructor Certification Training Program

Get certified as a Forest Bathing Instructor and go on to share your passion with the world. Here at The Mindful Tourist, we aim to provide the conducive environment for you to go deep into the vast and transforming world of Forest.

Online Study

Get world-class Level 2 training in the comfort of your home. Suitable for busy individuals who prefer to complete the training without having to travel to our locations in Japan or Thailand.

Earn Instructor Level

Learn to share your skills and teach TMT Shinrin Yoku to our or your own students. Understand what it takes to make an engaging and effective learning environment, first-hand.

Conversion Program

Designed to bring certified Forest Bathing Guides from other organizations up to speed on TMT guidelines and philosophies required for an instructor level, then get an opportunity to teach for TMT.

Shinrin Yoku Instructor Trainings

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TMT Guide (non-TMT guides)


TMT Instructor


TMT Instructor


The Mindful Shinrin Yoku Instructor

Weekly Training Outline - Conversion

The Mindful Forest Bathing

Week 1-5

The Mindful You

Week 6-10

Weekly Training Outline - Instructor

The Mindful Instructor I

Week 1-5

The Mindful Instructor II

Week 6-10

The Mindful Instructor III

Week 11-15

TMT Online Forest Bathing Certification Training - Level 2

US$ 899 / person
  • Forest Bathing Instructor Training - 5 x Instructor Practice Sessions
  • 15 x Guide Practice Sessions
  • A certification upon successful completion of the program
  • TMT Connected Community (Franchise business opportunity : the right to set up TMT Training Center in your own territory, teach and certify students)
  • A potential opportunity to teach for The Mindful Tourist on a part-time basis when needed
  • Listing on The Mindful Tourist website showcasing your profile and a link to your business
  • Be a part of an international community

This Online Forest Bathing Instructor Course is Designed For:

  • TMT students who already passed TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1
  • Individuals who aspire to attain TMT Instructor Level Certification
  • Interested students who aspire set up your own The Mindful Tourist Training Center or Retreat
  • Students who aspire to teach for The Mindful Tourist and certify Forest Bathing students
  • Wellness entrepreneurs who would like to create a sustainable business themed around forest, nature-based wellness and mindfulness
Remark: If you are certified in Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing from other institution or are experienced in Nature-Based Interventions (NBIs), please read through this page to learn more about our TMT Instructor Training – Conversion Program to learn how The Mindful Tourist could take you and your aspiration for Forest Bathing and Mindfulness to the next level, without having to go through our TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1 training, subject to a favorable assessment.

      How You Could Benefit From
      TMT Instructor Training

      So, you have already completed our TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide  – Level 1 training and you would like to take your passion and what you have learn to the next level. Here is how this training could help you align your goals, add values to your life, and following your inner guidance to ensure that you are living your very unique purpose.

      This is an online Forest Bathing Instructor training program for people who aspire to teach. If you are interested in joining our live instructor training in Japan or Thailand instead, please visit Forest Bathing Instructor Certification Training – Level 2 in Japan or Thailand, where you will get to live the TMT retreat / training center experience. By seeing this beautiful locations come alive, you will be inspired to see endless possibilities of having your own retreat or training center.

      Here is how you could benefit from our Forest Bathing Instructor training:

      • understand how to deepen your nature connectedness
      • learn to incorporate the newly acquired skills into other healing modalities and create a truly unique healing experiences for your clients (as part of the individual mentoring sessions).
      • learn skills to impart knowledge, using student-centered approach.
      • also learn important commercial skills and entrepreneurial mindset to allow you to making a living out of your passions and find balance in life (as part of the individual business consultation).
      • get an insight on how to scale your business. This is especially helpful if you are an independent practitioner and would like to learn how to grow your income (as part of the individual business consultation).
      • get an opportunity to work with renown hotel spas and wellness centers and train their staff using TMT curriculum.
      Online Forest Bathing Training - Instructor Level
      "Nature-based activities such as Forest Bathing at nature-focused destinations and are trending in 2021 and beyond. While hotels around the world are looking for ways to integrate nature into their offerings, this gives rise to the demand for new professions, Forest Bathing Practitioner and Instructor"
      Pin Chinnapat
      Pin Chinnapat
      Forest Bathing training Meraki
      Trend: MERAKI Bespoke Wellness Strategies
      Nature-focused destination by Meraki
      Photo by MERAKI Bespoke Wellness Strategies
      "People these days do not need to be convinced that nature plays a fundamental role in our health and well-being. Just spending time in nature has positive physical and emotional benefits."

      Upcoming Instructor Training

      Classes are held once a week

      TMT Forest Bathing Instructor Training Level 2

      June 22 – September 28, 2021

      12PM (GMT+2)

      Registration: Closed

      TMT Forest Bathing Instructor Training Level 2

      September 30, 2021 (Conversion Program) / 15 weeks

      November 4, 2021 (TMT certified guides) / 10 weeks

      Time: To be determined

      TMT Forest Bathing Instructor Training Level 2

      January 27, 2022 (Conversion Program) / 15 weeks

      March 3, 2022 (TMT certified guides) / 10 weeks

      Time: To be determined

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      You will be required to enroll in the Conversion Program, if you are certified in Forest Bathing by organizations, other than TMT.
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      What Students Say About Our Training

      We take pride in providing stellar education and personalized interactions with our students. We believe that the pursuit of happiness sets the direction, but feeling joy provides the daily confirmation that we are doing exactly what we should be doing.

      Our training program is unique. On top of providing Forest Bathing training, we seek to inspire our students to find their Ikigai, pursue their passions and cultivate the entrepreneurial mindsets required to be successful at forging an unconventional path.

      Since I completed my TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Certification Level 1 earlier this year, I have been eagerly awaiting updates for the Level 2 course.

      Underlying the decision to continue my training pursuits with TMT is respect and trust I have in the co-founders Pin and Milena, and alignment to the mission and values they have defined for TMT. While there are plenty of wellness related institutions out there and there is no shortage of training and certification courses some seemingly more established and widely known, not many of them feel as sincere and genuine as TMT. They may be a relatively small set-up (for now), but they are big on heart and clear in vision, backed by solid industry as well as academic knowledge and experience.

      Level 1 broadened my horizon on forest bathing, environmental psychology and holistic wellness, introduced me to a global, like-minded TMT community and provided me with a good foundation to be a forest bathing guide. At the same time, it also left me with a thirst to deepen my knowledge on the art and the science of the domain, and an aspiration to spread the practice of forest bathing to others. To me, a wellness practice as accessible, beneficial and with relatively low environment impact as forest bathing, deserves to be known and practised by many more.

      Initially planning to undertake Level 2 in-person within the forests of Japan, in hope of a more authentic experience, I soon realise that is not going to happen any time soon. Rather than waiting indefinitely, I decided to take the course online. My perspective and mindset changed, from one of missing out and feeling matters are out of my control, to one of being in the driving seat and being empowered by the thought of potentially participating in the in-person session as a trainer instead.

      Looking forward to an amazing and transformational 10-week journey ahead!”

      TMT certified Instructor

      Kate Jieying Yip

      Frequently Asked Questions

      If you are previously certified by TMT or The Mindful Tourist, you will not need to go through the Conversion Program which is the first 5 weeks, as your Level 1 training has already laid a solid foundation for you. Your TMT Forest Bathing Instructor Training Level 2 will commence from Week 6 and will end on Week 15, so essentially, your Instructor Training lasts for 10 weeks. Please check our training calendar for the training dates.

      It is worth mentioning that the credit you are entitled to from your Level 1 training can be applied towards this Instructor Training, valid after 1 year of the completion of my Level 1 training.

      The Conversion Program is designed to bring certified Forest Bathing Guides from other organizations up to speed on TMT guidelines and philosophies required for an instructor level, honoring your past experience and qualification in Forest Bathing. This allows you to bypass our TMT Forest Bathing Guide Certification Training – Level 1. In essence, the Conversion Program itself is Week 1-5, you will then consecutively proceed to Week 6 – 15 which is the actual Level 2 Instructor Training.

      Student acceptance is subject to our review. Please contact us for more information.

      We would like you to see this opportunity from an entrepreneurial perspective, and not from an employee’s one. It is an active role where you have the possibility of recruiting your own students from whichever channels you have; word of mouth, social media platforms, traditional publications and websites etc. 

      Occasionally, we will require your expertise for our Forest Bathing Guide Level 1 training (online), and you will be invited to teach or share your expertise in certain sessions. Likewise, your expertise and presence maybe required for our Forest Bathing Instructor Level 2 training in Japan or Thailand.

      For those who are not working in the wellness industry, you may not be aware of a career prospect of a visiting practitioner. A visiting practitioner travels to exotic destinations offering their therapies to hotel guests, and/or providing training to wellness staff. To learn more about becoming a visiting practitioner, visit this page to have a general idea of what it is and how you could create your own programs.

      TMT Connect Community operates using a franchise business model where The Mindful Tourist’s certified instructors get to be a part of. After being certified, students will get all the business support they need to be able to operate a TMT Forest Bathing Retreat or open a TMT Forest Bathing training center under The Mindful Tourist brand name. Click here to read more about TMT Connect Community.

      We also have the Instructor Training in locations such as Japan and Thailand. So, if an online training does not suit you, you may complete your level 2 training in Japan, where Shinrin Yoku was originated, to experience the Japanese way of life and philosophy as part of your program, or join us in Thailand to complete your level 2 training in beautiful exotic forests.

      Regardless of the location, our programs will equip you with both the art and the science of the practice of Forest Bathing. All these Forest Bathing Instructor training courses enable you to teach and certify students as a TMT Instructor. 

      Being a TMT Instructor is Being a TMT Partner

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