The Foundations of Happiness at Work

Module 2

Why Do Positive Emotions, Like Amusement or Awe, Matter at Work?

In this video, we delve more deeply into research on positive emotions, honing in on why they matter to happiness at work, and offers simple strategies for infusing work with two emotional experiences that are good for engagement at work: amusement and awe. While happiness at work does not require a constant stream of positive emotional states, people benefit from having an easy time experiencing positive states at work when they are called for, and working in contexts where positive emotional experiences, especially shared with others, are common.

Positive Emotions and Engagement at Work

Why Does Curiosity Matter at Work?

One of the advantages of looking back on your day and easily recalling positive moments at work is that you’re likely to bring more curiosity to work with you. Positive emotional feelings make us more curious, creative, and interested in other people’s perspectives. This report from from the German company Merck KGaA highlights the role of curiosity in the workplace.