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Sense Experiences
Somatic Movement in Nature
Mexico City

Do you dare to dance what your senses are telling you?

City Escape

4 hours or overnight

Hosted in English and Español

What You Will Experience

Close your eyes, imagine the sound of a waterfall, the song of birds, the sound of the leaves of the trees dancing with the wind.

Take a deep breath.

Imagine the feeling of fresh air on your skin, the wet grass on the soles of your feet, the touch of the breeze on your face and the caress of the sun’s rays on your skin. Feels warm, doesn’t it?

Do you dare to dance what your senses are telling you?

“Sense Experiences” are forest bathing with a somatic approach designed to integrate our physical body, mind, spirit and emotional being with nature through somatic movement and ancient practices of Japanese culture. There are 4 words that are like a mantra to me and I consider them the core essence of this project, those 4 words are: Heartfelt, Sensation, Emotion, Meaning and Perception.

The word Sense in English can be translated into Spanish with these 4 words, from which the intentions that we apply in each practice are derived. How do we do it?

I designed 5 experiences, each experience with a somatic approach to each of the 5 senses, where we work the whole body in an integral way but emphasizing one sense in particular. You will discover that by awakening your abilities of perception and self-perception, you will become aware of your body as part of nature. The basic structure of each experience is:

HIKE: We take a long walk with a specialized guide in the area, the goal is to get into nature to change our body state.

BODY MOVEMENT: Once inside the forest, we set the intentions of our practices (Heartfelt, Sensation, Emotion, Meaning and Perception) and we begin with movement activities that can involve lying down and standing, walking barefoot, somatic yoga postures, somatic touch, breath work, voice use and more!


A woman sitting quietly amid nature

PERSONAL INTEGRATION OF THE EXPERIENCE: Moment of time and space in which the person does not follow any instructions from anyone, it is a personal moment to integrate the experiences lived. You can sit next to the fire or by the lake, watch the stars, write in a personal notebook or simply have fun with others too. This is your time in which the only thing you will be asked to do is to never let go the intentions set in the beginning of the practice.


Lucía is available for booking every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The tour starts from 6am. Contact us for dates and times not listed, or if you want to book for a larger group.

How to Make a Booking

  • A prepayment is required for a reservation.
  • Please use the PayPal link below to make the payment, according to the number of people in the group.
  • The check availability or get more information, please fill out the form below.
  • A cancellation of any experience once the booking is made will incur a 15% cancellation fee.
  • Any experience can be canceled at least 7 days before the experience starts and refunded 50%.
  • A cancellation received less than 7 days before the experience starts is non-refundable.

4-Hour Experience

USD 79 / person

Overnight camping

USD 179 / person

For inquiries or reservations, please contact us.
Advanced booking and prepayment are required.

Where We Will Meet

The exact location will be provided upon a confirmation of the booking.

We previously choose a suitable place to adapt to the space depending on the sense in which we are going to focus, the selection of the place is careful so that we can enter in nature safely and concentrate on activities to achieve the connection with the nature through somatic sensibilization of the senses.

If we focus on the sense of hearing, the place would be a waterfall or a place full of singing birds, if we focus on the sense of sight the ideal place is the volcanoes of Mexico, in which we can appreciate the most beautiful sunrises in the country. Mexico is one of the territories with a great diversity of flora, fauna and landscapes we must to take this opportunity and get to know this part of the world deeply.

The whole experience is about integrating a totality of the body, mind, emotion and spirit using all the senses, but we focus on one without neglecting the rest because everything that we are is connected.

Additional Notes

  • There are 3 levels of difficulty: Low, Medium and High. LOW: The walks are short and the terrain more accessible. Suitable for people over 60 or with a knee injury or who simply want to live an experience of low physical requirement. REQUIREMENTS: Not have injuries or any impediment to walking. MEDIUM: REQUIREMENTS: Not have injuries or any impediment for long walks. HIGH: They are longer routes of higher altitude and with greater difficulty in the terrain. REQUIREMENTS: Not have injuries or any impediment for long walks of varied surfaces, carry out regular physical activity.
  • The duration of the experiences are different: Express Sense Experience (4 to 5 hours in total, transportation not included) One day camping Sense Experience (around 30 hrs with transportation and some meals included)
  • Each experience requires different equipment. The basics you would need for any program you choose are: Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes for long walks: hike pants, t-shirt, fleece, jacket if the weather warrants it, a small backpack or a special backpack for hike, with a small energy snack and a liter of water, sunglasses and sunscreen are optional, finally a yoga mat as we will need it for various activities. Some meals are already included in the experience, it all depends on the duration of the experience, some are express (4 to 5 hours in total) and other experiences include a camping day in which you must bring your equipment.
  • More information will be communicated upon confirmation of the booking.

Meet Your Guide

Lucia Pineda Profile - Lucía Pineda

My name is Lucía Pineda and I am a professional dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance, therapist and instructor of somatic movement of the “Shin Somatics” technique also with Japanese roots and Shinrin Yoku certified guide Level 1 by The Mindful Tourist. Dance is not only part of my identity but it has also been my savior and the best mirror with which I have been able to reconnect with myself again. I discovered the deepest secrets of my body. It helped me to find words and express myself freely. It sheltered me in the most painful duels but above all it gave me possibilities. I define dance as the movement of body, thoughts, emotions and spirit. Through it, I discovered that my mission in life is to share the tools that helped me regain my self-esteem, heal past wounds and recognize the strength of my sensitivity.



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For inquiry or reservation, please contact us.

Advanced booking and prepayment are required.


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