Shinrin Yoku Instructor Training

Online & In-Forest Certification Training

TMT Shinrin Yoku
Forest Bathing Instructor
Certification Training
- Level 2

Learn the art and the science behind forest bathing and get certified as a Shinrin Yoku Instructor. Choose between 2 amazing locations, Japan and Thailand. Now also available online.

Shinrin Yoku Instructor Training

Level 2​

Forest Bathing Certification Training a hand touching a tree covered in green moss

Online Training

Get world-class Level 2 training in the comfort of your home. Suitable for busy individuals who prefer to complete the training without having to travel to our locations in Japan or Thailand. Enroll in the Conversion Program, if you already are certified in Forest Bathing by other Forest Bathing organizations.

Forest Bathing training in Japan

Train in Japan

Complete your level 2 training in Japan, where Shinrin Yoku was originated. Experience the Japanese way of life and philosophy as part of your program. Learn to share your skills and teach TMT Shinrin Yoku. Understand what it takes to make an engaging and effective learning environment, first-hand.

Train in Thailand

Join us in Thailand to complete your level 2 training in beautiful exotic forests. Regardless of the location, our programs will equip you with both the art and the science of the practice of Forest Bathing. This Forest Bathing Instructor training enables you to teach and certify students as a TMT Instructor.

How You Could Benefit From Our Shinrin Yoku Instructor Training​

Assuming that you have already completed our TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide  – Level 1 training and you would like to take your passion and what you have learn to the next level, here is how this training could help you align your goals, add values to your life, and listen your inner guidance to ensure that you are living your very unique purpose.

The live training in Japan and Thailand will allow you to live the TMT retreat / training center experience, while the online training program will give you more time to absorb and practice what youhave learned, without having to leave your country.

With the live training, by seeing this beautiful locations come alive, you will be inspired to see endless possibilities of having your own retreat or training center. After the training, you will be able to or qualified to:

  • understand how to deepen your nature connectedness and incorporate these skills into other healing modalities and create a truly unique healing experiences for your clients.
  • teach TMT Shinrin Yoku as a TMT Shinrin Yoku Instructor and award qualified students with TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide (Level 1 qualification).
  • travel to hotels, resorts and wellness centers around the world to offer Nature Connectedness Training program for Hotels and Resorts.
  • have a first-hand experience the most important aspects of our everyday living, natural unprocessed food, conscious eating and sustainability. What we consume, how much and when all affect our well-being (only at the live training locations).
  • be guided on how to choose your own retreat space or training center. Understand what makes or breaks a Shinrin Yoku experience. 
  • learn skills to impart knowledge, pay attention to your clients’ well-being and guide them to a relaxing state where they are fully present.
  • also learn important commercial skills to allow you to making a living out of your passions and find balance in life.
  • get an insight on how to scale your business. This is especially helpful if you are an independent practitioner and would like to learn how to grow your income.

Nature Immersion Experience

Whether you choose to train with us in Thailand or Japan, these are the training topics we will cover to get you to an intructor level and give you a deeply authentic nature immersion experience.

Shinrin Yoku Instructor Training Outline

The Mindful Instructor - Conversion Modules

1. Orientation & Foundation

2. TMT Ethical Guidelines & Code of Conduct

3. Forest Bathing: The Roots

4. The Science of Nature & Connectedness

5. Your Shinrin Yoku Session

The Mindful Instructor I

1. Your Motivation

2. Ethical Standards

3. The Design and Preparation of Your Training Sessions

4. TMT Shinrin Yoku Instructor values

5. The Instructor Practice I

Shinrin Yoku Certification Training in Japan with The Mindful Tourist with a man contemplating on stacked rock art

The Mindful Instructor II

1. Giving Answers to FAQs as an Instructor

2. Guiding Your Students

3. Training Session’s Structure

4. The Instructor Practice II

5. Completion

Our Teaching Approach

Stems from our Program Creative Director and Master Instructor’s background in psychology and life coaching, our instructor-level students will be guided to teach their students and conduct a Forest Bathing or a wellness session using a client-centered approach which uses a non-authoritative approach allowing clients to take more of a lead in their well-being so that, in the process, they will discover their own solutions. Students will learn to act as a compassionate facilitator, listening without judgment and acknowledging the client’s experience, and to be there to encourage and support the client throughout the therapeutic process.

Because we believe that a Forest Bathing session is more than just a hike in the woods or a hug of trees, our sessions are usually used as a tool to connect with clients on a more profound level. When this connection happens, it is a golden opportunity to use your passions to transform lives. It is not uncommon for a client to discuss chronic health complaints, deep personal struggles or detrimental stress during a session. By learning how to respond appropriately, trust and a meaningful connection is established.

Having unconditional positive regard, empathetic understanding and being congruent with your clients, instead of acting from a place of authority of an expert or professional superiority will allow for self-discovery, self-acceptance, and a provides a means toward healing and positive growth for both you and your clients.

Being a TMT Instructor is Being a TMT Partner

The Definitive Guide to Shinrin Yoku Training

Here is all you need to know about Shinrin Yoku training. Comprehensive information on how to become a certified guide and instructor, how to choose the right institution, the career path of certified Shinrin Yoku guide and instructor, the health benefits of Shinrin Yoku, how to practice Shinrin Yoku by yourself, how to design a Shinrin Yoku trips or retreats, how to create a business around the idea of Shinrin Yoku and more.

What They Say About
Our Trips & Retreats

I’ve been to Kyoto many times but this was truly differentiating! It was a breeze to communicate with Pin and she welcomed us very warmly. There were no awkward moments and we went away feeling like we made a new friend. If you are looking to do something different on your trip to Kyoto and go off the tourist trail, I would recommend booking this experience. It is a very easy hike in the forest and relaxing to close to nature.
This experience was unique and incredible. I particularly enjoyed Pin’s kindness and her hospitality. The hike was incredible with lots of photo spots . The massage and Reiki performed in the forest was also what made this experience special. Thank you Pin. You are awesome.
I have always felt relaxed and connected to nature, and I wanted to explore and learn what Forest Bathing does to us. As a Japanese, I grew up knowing Shinrin Yoku. The certification training course offered at The Mindful Tourist really gave me an in-depth knowledge on the science behind this practice. One thing that was so unique about this training experience was that the Level 1 training, which was done online, gave me the theoretical and practical know-how. But it was the live in-forest training that I received from my Level 2 training that really gave me the hands-on experience and the confidence to really take my practice to the next level. It has prepared me to operate my own Forest Bathing program. The business consultations and the support I received as part of the training has really helped me to create my own Forest Bathing tour business in Japan.
This Forest Bathing retreat with Pin was incredible! 🙂 It was one of the BEST days of our entire Japan trip. The hike was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect way to be surrounded by nature, get physical activity, see stunning temples and shrines, and enjoy some much needed relaxation away from the cities. Pin is a gem. She is so sweet and so kind. I experienced one of the best massages I’ve ever had thanks to her! We had so much fun chatting with Pin, getting to know her, and spending time with her. I highly recommend this experience to everyone. There is a short hike involved but it’s doable for everyone of all skill levels and so worth it to see the beauty of Japan outside of the cities. Getting a massage outside in the middle of the forest was the best! Thank you so much Pin 🙂

At TMT, our training programs include discussions on business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset to get you inspired and prepare you for the real world.