Shinrin Yoku Training Program

Meet TMT Instructors & Instructors in Training

Our international team of instructors come from diverse backgrounds, but we share the same goal which is to make the practice of Shinrin Yoku more accessible to everyone.

The TMT Shinrin Yoku Training Approach

Stems from our Program Creative Director and Head Instructor’s background in academia, psychology and life coaching, our instructor-level students will be guided to teach their students and conduct a Forest Bathing or a wellness session using a client-centered approach which uses a non-authoritative approach allowing clients to take more of a lead in their well-being so that, in the process, they will discover their own solutions. Students will learn to act as a compassionate facilitator, listening without judgment and acknowledging the client’s experience, and to be there to encourage and support the client throughout the therapeutic process.

A Message from TMT Head Instructor

Milena The Mindful Tourist Co Founder and Creative Director

Because we believe that a Forest Bathing session is more than just a hike in the woods or a hug of trees, our sessions are usually used as a tool to connect with clients on a more profound level. When this connection happens, it is a golden opportunity to use your passions to transform lives. It is not uncommon for a client to discuss chronic health complaints, deep personal struggles or detrimental stress during a session. By learning how to respond appropriately, trust and a meaningful connection is established.

Milena A. Guziak

TMT Co-Founder, creative director & head instructor

Since I completed my TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Certification Level 1 earlier this year, I have been eagerly awaiting updates for the Level 2 course.

Underlying the decision to continue my training pursuits with TMT is respect and trust I have in the co-founders Pin and Milena, and alignment to the mission and values they have defined for TMT. While there are plenty of wellness related institutions out there and there is no shortage of training and certification courses some seemingly more established and widely known, not many of them feel as sincere and genuine as TMT. They may be a relatively small set-up (for now), but they are big on heart and clear in vision, backed by solid industry as well as academic knowledge and experience.

Level 1 broadened my horizon on forest bathing, environmental psychology and holistic wellness, introduced me to a global, like-minded TMT community and provided me with a good foundation to be a forest bathing guide. At the same time, it also left me with a thirst to deepen my knowledge on the art and the science of the domain, and an aspiration to spread the practice of forest bathing to others. To me, a wellness practice as accessible, beneficial and with relatively low environment impact as forest bathing, deserves to be known and practised by many more.

Initially planning to undertake Level 2 in-person within the forests of Japan, in hope of a more authentic experience, I soon realise that is not going to happen any time soon. Rather than waiting indefinitely, I decided to take the course online. My perspective and mindset changed, from one of missing out and feeling matters are out of my control, to one of being in the driving seat and being empowered by the thought of potentially participating in the in-person session as a trainer instead.

Looking forward to an amazing and transformational 10-week journey ahead!”

TMT Instructor-in-training

Kate Jieying Yip

TMT Instructor-in-training

Iwona Karpińska

“I’m Iwona from Poland. As far as I remember, I was connected with nature in a deep way. I loved to run without shoes and to have dirty feet. I loved to lie down on the ground and feel how it smelled. Maybe it was thanks to my two grandmothers, who lived in small villages surrounded by beautiful nature. As a child I spent a lot of time there with freedom to be wild, freedom to play. When I come back to these memories, I feel sensitive movement in me – how good it was, and how happy I was. I could go on and on about sounds, tastes, smells, and experiences with nature from my childhood. That was also the time, when my father took me for long long walks into big and mysterious forests.

When I grew up, naturally, I spent time in nature to heal me and to help me with some difficulties. Even when I moved to a bigger city, I still remember how I was going on foot to the nearest forest. When I had an opportunity, I would go out of the city to the mountains.

Some time ago, I desired to connect to nature much more – it was like a calling. Coincidentally, I heard about forest bathing. At first, I was surprised and I thought to myself – but I was doing it naturally, using my intuition. I was drawn to the practice and did an in-depth research. One day, on my Instagram feed, I discovered The Mindful Tourist and it occurred to me that behind that, there was someone who shared the same passion for nature. Over a short period of time, I learned that, if we could say this, this is a forest lover company. It is difficult to explain, but I intuitively felt that this is a good place, good ambiance and good spirit. Maybe you have experienced that too – I just know that I want to be there and to do that.

With a few exchanges, I finally I started my training and I have to say that yes (at least until now 😃) I feel what my intuition was telling me and I’m happy that I could join the training. I appreciate the way of learning by participating in conversations and discussing thoughts, and also I feel safe to ask questions. I feel that I can be myself – there is just special warmth in this process of learning. There is a lot to learn, more profound than I have ever experienced. What I also appreciate is to have a lot of space for creativity, which can be a challenge in itself, in the learning process. It’s reassuring to know that, finally, we can find our own way of forest bathing, and it’s building my confidence – that in deepest part of me I know how I want to do that.”

“My name is Priscilla and I come from Brazil, currently living in Sweden and working as an environmental advisor. I am a forest engineer and a certified TMT forest bathing guide. I was honored to be part of the first team of graduates!

Nature conservation has always been my passion, and I has explored a lot of the Atlantic and Amazon rainforest during my trips and field work. At the university, I learned a lot about forest management and forest dynamics, but absolutely NOTHING about connection with nature and even about indigenous and other traditional communities. In my master’s degree in Europe, the same. I just knew that I felt great only by staying in the woods, and that I would want to work with that, as the forest was my office. In parallel to that, I was growing my interest in yoga, meditation and spiritual growth.

When I got to know about TMT forest bathing guides training after researching a lot, I found out that this is what was missing to me. I wanted to learn more about how to connect with nature. Also, the cost-benefit of the training was exactly what I looked for, the program was great and there was the opportunity to travel to Japan and conclude the two-levels training. Also, as a Japanese-descendent, I identified myself much more with this practice that came from Japan. Then, I registered for that, and I got a lot from that not only to understand better about forest bathing, but also as to understand myself better, as well to understand how I can build my business on that. Moreover, the community we created is so special, and still nowadays we keep in touch with each other even if we are from different parts of the world. Now, in another level of forest bathing – forest bathing instructors training – I aim to deepen even more my knowledge on that and to grow this amazing community by doing what I love. My business Joyful Solutions aims to support people to find joy and connection naturally, through forest bathing and healing techniques. I’m super excited to go to the next level!!”

TMT Instructor-in-training

Priscilla Cubo