TMT Student Testimonials

I initially enrolled in this Shinrin Yoku certification course as a distraction from breast cancer treatments and the continued uncertainties of the ongoing pandemic. I received so much more than that. I am filled with gratitude for the gained knowledge and skill, as well as my boost in confidence as a Shinrin Yoku guide. I learned much from Milena, the classmates, and those who joined me to share a Forest Bathing practice as I completed the fieldwork sessions. 1. My vision of how I would like to utilize the certification includes both employment opportunities and personal shared experiences. I envision establishing a valuable Forest Bathing practice where values and principles are maintained, shared, and practiced mindfully, and nature's benefits are unique to each participant. 2. I have learned so much about myself throughout the duration of this course. I have learned to release my fear of the first impression syndrome. A syndrome I fear not being able to repeat the first impression session. I now know that each experience is a first time for both myself and those who join me. That nature is ever changing and what we see and welcome in is also changing. I also learned that nature welcomes me as I am and I can bloom my authentic self while in nature. I am open to receiving all messages nature has to share with me. As I offered the fieldwork sessions I noticed my confidence building and I am open to experience each session as it naturally unfolds. I also noticed another first I had felt more uncomfortable offering practices with friends than with strangers as I feared judgement or comparison from one session to another from friends. As one friend mentioned that each experience is a first time I released this fear and now feel very comfortable sharing practices with friends as well as people I am meeting for the very first time. I am one with nature. I am Be....Being Present, Being Me. 3. Some of my most enjoyable moments included hearing of other's experiences from all over the world (valcano bathing and digging a hole to avoid the winds and cold temperatures to the many modalities classmates shared to offer along with their Forest Bathing practices), the fieldwork practice sessions where I welcomed so much self-growth and confidence along with other self-discovery moments, and I also enjoyed creating the video for one of the assignments. 4. My achievements throughout the course included embracing more of my authentic self and confidence, exploring a variety of locations, weather conditions, and creating a variety of themes for Shinrin Yoku practices, along with gaining knowledge and skill from the course material and classmates. I even noticed myself becoming more relaxed and confident during the class sessions. I gave this course my focus and attention and put in the effort to learn and grow through the course class sessions and homework assignments. I certainly expanded my comfort zone by offering a practice in the rain, many practices with friends, group sessions of two to four attendees, and a practice with someone I had never met. I also explored new locations to offer Forest Bathing including a group virtual practice. The class time and assignments fostered business aspects, as well as personal learning and growth. 5. I welcome celebrating my achievements by receiving the Shinrin Yoku Certification and spending time expressing gratitude for all the many gifts and benefits nature offers me on the ongoing bases. Because of my bond with nature I was called to explore Shinrin Yoku and I discovered The Mindful Tourist while searching for trainings. I celebrate because of you and with you ... The Mindful Tourist and Nature. I will continue to celebrate this achievement by continuing to offer practices and sharing time in nature with myself, groups, and 1:1 practices as well. 6. I would like to express gratitude to The Mindful Tourist organization, Milena, and the classmates during the summer 2021 Level One Guide session for all the shared experiences and knowledge, the variety of modalities to include during a Forest Bathing offering, the connections formed, the learning and growing I did because of the course, and for all the resources provided. All of the above enhanced the course both academically as well as socially. Thank you...thank you...thank you.
Heidi The Mindful Tourist Forest Bathing Guide
Heidi Viener
The last 15 weeks have been great. Exhausted from a megacity under lockdown and a lot of work, I decided to take this journey; and learn something different, meet other people and draw my mind around other than work and family. I wanted it to have a connection to Japan – so Shinrin Yuku was just right. 

Forests have been my escapes and source of energy during the pandemic. So I wanted to understand why. And that’s what I got. 2/3 of Japan are forest, the country has most shades of green, and the areas of discovery seem endless. But even in its urban spaces, there are always green escapes or large beautiful breathing parks.

My breath got deeper, my tea sessions longer, my connection to trees more intimate. I closed my eyes more often and did listen more carefully. I watched the kids discover insects, hopping from one stone to another, and started to do the same – more playful. I wrote my first Haiku and transferred my learnings to my home forest on the Baltic Sea. There I brought my nices for a magic forest walk. I never thought about “working” with kids but was immediately fascinated by how barrier-free their thinking was. You tell them: “Listen!” and their fantasy goes with them. They see love stories, hear jokes and get compliments – from trees as if it was the most normal thing. They were so much more accessible than my adult friends. Those drilled citizens had much more difficulty going slowly, listen to trees, or lying down. The daily voices of work, requirements and fears are loud.

The training made me think about how adapted I am, that I hardly exit my comfort and control zone, and that I might miss the opportunity. But, like the kids, I want to play more and discover my surroundings with joy and less established frameworks.

The group became a source of inspiration, and my Wednesday night was a tremendous change from everyday life. I admire Milena’s patience and enthusiasm. It is not easy to facilitate training in a cross-cultural, multi-geo (ergo multi time zone) environment. Thank you all; I will miss you and hope to see you soon.
Forest Bathing Guide Germany
Franziska Jorge
This course was simply a fantastic experience! I had an instinctive call to nature that I was not able to explain or appreciate! Now I can enjoy every moment and every sound of nature, find peace and relaxation. I was very surprised by the teaching method, also a bit skeptical at the beginning. Then I had to learn that exchanging opinions and experiences with people from all over the world with different stories and interests from mine was not only interesting, but it helped me to really understand me deeply and explore my inner world. This course has made me better and more aware. I would like to spend hours meditating with the sound and embrace of nature and then celebrate it with a good wine! I am still working on my Ikigai but I feel that I am now on the right track!!!! Thank Milena for the precious guidance🤗
Agnese Bucciarelli
I can't remember ever taking a class where the harmony and energy was so right off the bat. After the first meeting I felt I had arrived in a way I hadn't in a long time. It is not only the topic that unites us but also something deeper, an inner basic attitude towards life and nature. This bond has made me look forward to seeing each other's faces on my laptop all the more each week. Since childhood, I was passionate about nature. As a resilience therapist, the forest, with its health-promoting properties, has taken on an even more important place for me. The Mindful Tourist has taught me a lot and brought closer my desire to combine resilience therapy with Shinrin Yoku. I have not only learned theoretical knowledge but also more about myself and the unconscious connection and background of my love for nature. I have rediscovered myself a little bit through some tasks. At the beginning of the course I didn't know what exactly to expect and was open to everything. Still, I didn't think that after an online course I would walk out with so much knowledge that I can put into practice. Milena and Pin, with their style and approach, have also been incredibly beneficial in making the weeks so educational and enjoyable. As well as my wonderful course mates who, through conversation and their thoughts, gave me an hour that I looked forward to all week 🙂 I have been looking forward to doing Level 2 training and practicing Shinrin Yoku in the Japanese woods since the beginning. Thank you Milena, Pin, Stephanie and Dhouha for such a wonderful time. I can't wait to see you all and laugh together with you in person!
Agata TMT Shinrin Yoku student
Agata Bielski
It is not often, through the course of my life, that I get to be part of a circle where members are from greatly diverse backgrounds both culturally as well as professionally. Yet, it is also not often, in the course of my life, where I find myself in a circle where people are so like-minded, in their connection to nature, motivation to head in a particular direction of their lives and level of empathy and kindness. For that alone — in finding this community and in building these friendships and comradeships which I hope will last a lot longer than the 15 weeks we have spent together — I am grateful. I joined the course as an uncertain, cynical, doubtful lost soul, and am now going to leave as a more positive, determined open-minded version of myself. Rewind back to 4 months ago, I would never have believed I would make a video of myself (which subsequently gets uploaded onto Youtube) and would go on to guide more than 15 hours of forest bathing sessions with client (albeit friends). The knowledge I have gained along the way, whether its through the course readings, recommended books, inspirational videos or sharing sssions, has been immense and broad. I also feel immensely proud and supported, that I now have two kind, generous and creative ladies I can reach out to as my mentors, in forest bathing, in business, in the quest for ikigai, and in life. I truly hope I will not disappoint, and will go on to kickstart and build @The_Backyard_Bathers, my forest bathing practice with an arty, crafty twist — with the aspiration of enhancing holistic wellness and spreading joy through connecting with nature, client by client. I also cannot wait till the day I can undertake TMT Level 2 to strengthen the foundation and extend the path, and meet some of you in person. Till then, may we all go out there and pursue our ikigai! Wishing everyone great success in the paths which you choose, and keep in touch!
Kate Jieying Yip
Kate Jieying Yip
I discovered Shinrin Yoku from the comforts of a dental chair. If you can find comfort there. My friend ( a Hygienist) was telling me about Shinrin Yoku and this was something she felt I would be good at. So I took her words to heart and here I am sharing with you this amazing journey, complete with wonderful new friends from around the world and this awesome training I received through "The Mindful Tourist." Our instructors Milena and Pin were great at making us the best we could be. I owe my success to them. Every class was enjoyable time spent. Wonderful learning opportunities came from what other people are doing and sharing with me. My take away was for my own enlightenment to give back to my friends. I am learning drum therapy something I would never have thought about. One of my new friends shared her experiences using drum sound and the flute in the forest. This experience has given me almost a new birth to new things. My vision is to take Shinrin Yoku to my community (which is in rural Minnesota) in as many ways as possible, and share what my training has done for me. In turn I hope to reach out to other wellness businesses and offer my services to them. My celebration to the end of my training is a celebration of a new beginning to a healthy approach to life. I can celebrate my achievements of what I learned and how I am ready to step out in the world. For my vision of the future contains no borders and my horizons are endless. I didn't discover anything new about myself, but I woke up the "kid" in me and that is joy at its purist level. Once again to be free to imagine everything within the trees, the leaves, flowers, butterflies, everything that was always me is more alive and has been set free to create and become amazing. Our training was deep and rich in what we needed to know to make us successful in the direction we feel we need to go. It was a lot of field work and a blessing at the same time. I need to personally thank the other students in my group for a rich opportunity to meet you and just knowing all of you has made the earth seem smaller and closer as our hearts have grown bigger to encompass our dear friendships with all. Thank you everyone, thank you so much.
Rose Heisel TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide
RoseAnn Heisel
What a beautiful, insightful, health affirming 15 weeks this has been. It has not only opened up my world to the healing capacity of Shinrin-yoku but also offered space for connection, reflection, professional development + my own self care. As a Naturopath, I am passionate about nature as our wisest teacher and most abundant healer. This course reflected that the laws of nature really are the fundamental truth: as we were guided towards self-enquiry, perspective and our 'Ikigai' (reason for being), which I cannot wait to share, to optimise health outcomes in my patients and to those new to nature-based therapy. The course was taught professionally, with so many informative and evidenced based resources. It was lovely to meet every week, uplifted by like-minded but diverse reflections from classmates based around the world, as we learnt together. Am very much looking forward to completing the Level 2 training in Japan and know the Mindful Tourist will be with me every step of the way, as I continue to learn by embracing these ideals as part of me. Thank you Milena & Pin, its been wonderful to watch this all unfold. Well wishes & gratitude.
Australian Naturopath Emily Sarkies
Emily Sarkies
It's soo amazing to see how an online program can encourage you to take new steps in your life and urge you to change your way, Shinrin Yoku was such a rich and inspiring program, I have learnt a lot not only from the program itself but also from the team and of course Milena, I discovered many things about me, I remembered actually what I like and what I dislike, This program made me creative and inspired, I loved this experience and it's really sad that we are coming to the end... An end that will open new doors, new bright doors, Thank you everyone, it was lovely, inspiring, creative amazing, full of feelings and wonderful program I am sad that today is the last day, but happy and proud of myself that I did it! Thank you Pin Thank you Milena Thank you Agata Thank you Stephanie Now I have a certificate and new real friends! Much Love!
A woman on grass
Dhouha Khaldi
For some years now, I had been very curious to understand and study more about Shinrin Yoku. This pandemic brought pain, but it also brought opportunities of light, for me, this certification has been that light. I will always be grateful for that! As a dancer I have felt that I do not always fit well into the mold of the image of the dancer that one is supposed to be, I have learned over time that each living being is its own way and I discovered that nature is part of that destiny for me, The TMT certification is my new HOW in life. Every Tuesday morning as soon as I turned on the computer and saw all the faces of my classmates and teachers, those were all enjoyable moments, what I loved with all my heart was that we all embraced and respected each other's individual processes, even the Curriculum is designed for that, no one got lost along the way. My most endearing achievements were being able to make friends around the world and understand that this technique is as personal as the individual who performs it, this left me an open field for imagination. I will celebrate these achievements by following my life path, saying yes to life. Thank you Milena for accompanying us in the most kind and sensitive way that a human being can accompany, thank you Pin for your support and for your follow-up with such passion and commitment, you two have inspired me to undertake by daring to share who I am with the world, I will always be grateful to them and they will always have a home in Mexico. I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL GUYS IN PERSON AND GIVE US A HUGE HUG!!!!
Lucia Pineda Profile - Lucía Pineda
Lucia Pineda
15 weeks already. WOOW 😀 This really went fast. I am very glad I went on this journey to discover more about Shinrin Yoku and it has been a fantastic inspiring and greatly and educational journey. I was quite unaware of what I was going for when I started, and I have been very pleasantly surprised on the way. This has really enriched my life in many ways. 🙂 In particular, I would like to highlight the wonderful people I have met and with whom I have shared these 15 weeks. I feel like I've made some new good friends for life. <3 The weeks have been characterized by very educational and great weekly assignments that have given me a greater insight and better understanding of Shinrin Yoku, why it is so important in the time we live in and how to create a business based on what we have learned together. It is greatly appreciated and is very useful for us as we move our business to the next level. I am also very grateful to Milena and Pin who have made this possible for us. I cant imagine someone better for the task. I could really feel that you guys care and are there for us. You really have the ability to create good flow in the group and have focused on very exciting topics in a fun and interactive way with my favorite on Passion and Ikigai. This has been fun for me to participate in. I want to use my new certificate to be able to build a stronger foundation together with Priscilla and our business Joyful solutions. Here we will guide people to live more healthy and happy way through nature. Aiming for a spiritual forest community. These weeks has really motivated me to learn more about forests mysteries and not least spend more time in the the forest. Yes, in fact, I'm going on a forest trip this weekend with my friends. : D Thank you so much. <3
Training Caledar
Victor Javier Martinez
I am very thankful for having joined this Shinrin-yoku training. I could learn a lot about myself, about my relationship with Victor, and about my dream business. I think one of the most important aspects of the training was this great group of diverse and amazing people, each one bringing a different perspective of Shinrin-yoku. Also, I really appreciate the knowledge, friendship and openess of Milena and Pin, that created this space that allowed us to develop and to be more prepared for the world out there. There were so many perspectives of Shinrin-yoku that I didn't know about, such as the existing researches on the topic and how to get prepared for all scenarios possible when guiding our clients. I want to use this certificate to boost my business and guide many people in this path to (re)discover the connection with nature. I see myself giving value to people, supporting them in their self-development process and to go for their dreams ferlessly. I am shocked that 15 weeks have passed, it was such a pleasant time, even if we needed to wake up 5am for the classes :D. Everything was worth it! And I know I still have so much to learn, and I will continue my studies and practices. Thank you so much trainers and colleagues for this amazing time together!!! You can count on me for life! Hopefully, see you all on level 2 training. You are all welcome to Sweden and Norway to visit, to do your internship (just throwing out a suggestion :P) to do business... I know we have a long and brilliant way ahead!
Shinrin-yoku in Nacka with Priscilla Cubo
Priscilla Cubo
My Shinrin Yoku trail has been a path of self discovery. And it still is. I’m traveling through life and on my backpack a new patch of a Japanese Hinoki tree is sewed. It’s my certification. My souvenir that invites me to discover new destinations. Still unknown, but inviting. My Shinrin Yoku patch helps me to see and choose more paths then before. More directions, more chances, more knowledge and more inspiration. My map and my world became bigger. My monkey mind got calmer and my inner bear got louder. I’ve learned that being connected to nature is being connected to yourself. We are nature. We come from nature and that’s why we all return to nature. That’s why we find health and happiness in nature. I mostly enjoyed the gifts that come to you when you open up your senses. When you listen to the invitations of nature. When you look with different eyes or feel with different fingers. Finding awesomeness in ultimate awareness. Like witnessing the dance of light and shadow through the leaves of a tree. I’ve learned to take myself into the present moment. The only place where life truly exists. Nature showed me the way. I gained a greater awareness of different perspectives. Reconnecting with nature rewires the brain. Just like being thankful. So I’ll celebrate this certification by having and sending thankful thoughts every coming day for 21 days. Thank you Milena and Pin for making this all possible. And thank you, all new friends. Thank you for your wonderful support and stories. Thank you for your part in my journey.
A man sitting on a giant rock forest bathing under a tree in Ansterdam
Ramon Stalenhoef
I was trying for a long time to find the right words that express how special & meaningful these 15 weeks of online program have been. As the owner of a boutique tour operator for wellbeing retreats & mindful journeys to Asia and personally being deeply in love with Japan, I've always been interested in diving deeper into the topic of Shinrin Yoku. During the pandemic seeing everyone near and far lose their ground, I felt becoming a Shinrin Yoku guide myself would be a useful additional qualification in my professional life but above all I felt I could help others to reconnect and to heal with the power of nature. Helping people regaining their energy and bringing back the glow in their eyes generally is the greatest joy for me. But during the course I realised it has become a deep journey to myself. I had the honor to meet the most wonderful ladies every week online and I think it was quite magical how connected we felt right from the start. We were so open, honest and emotional with each other that it was a million times more than an advanced online training. I believe all of us learned a bit more about our own purpose through the reflection and support of the others. Thank you to the power woman Pin and to Milena, our guide through these weeks, a wonderful, highly professional and very sensitive human being. And thank you to my “school buddies” Agata and Douha. Already miss you all dearly and can`t wait to see you in person soon.
Stephanie Syiemlieh
Stephanie Syiemlieh
I thought this certification was for me only, but as the practice becomes a recurrent in my calendar, I see that not only my life but the one of those around me is also positively affected. Being more in nature has given me the chance to see myself as an adult interacting with it. New feelings, ideas and memories are being created. Just discovering the lovely world I have around me has been a true gift. Appreciating and respecting nature while inspiring others to go out there and try it, it has been a great lesson. Soon I will be sharing the project I created while doing this certification. I feel very passionate about it and I know its the start of something great. To TMT team and the great women in my group: I couldn’t be more grateful to have met you. I felt so close to you and I loved learning about your stories, your places and motivations. I see a group of creative and talented women wanting to make a difference in the world and that is very inspiring.
A woman with a dog enjoying nature
Alejandra Contreras
This course had been my first “back to school” in 5 years. With my busy schedule, I was wondering if I would be able to complete all sessions. However, it turns out to become one of my “most enjoyable days” of the week. I looks at nature with different perspectives and see an opportunity I can’t see before. I learn so much and be inspired by countless of conversation I have with a group of my classmate from around the world. After taking a class, I learn how forest can heal us in so many ways. I practice forest bathing and invite people I know to join me. It is a way to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. And I think it is a magnificent way for getting people to love and protect forest and nature. Thank you everyone, every session was amazingly inspiring and gave opportunity for me to explore and learn from the inside out.
piyarat The Mindful Tourist Shinrin Yoku training
Piyarat Nimpitakpong
Spending more time in the woodlands has really made me appreciate nature and all the benefits it gives you both mentally and physically. It’s been a huge learning experience and I know I still have lots to learn still but I have really enjoyed sitting on the riverbank for a few hours in the evening sunshine, seeing Kingfishers and spotting other wildlife I have really enjoyed foraging and learning about the benefits and uses of plants that I would have once considered just weeds. Milena and Pin have been excellent mentors throughout the course and given encouragement every step of the way.
Forest Bathing in Japan
Kerry Kelly
A walk in the forest will never be the same again! Everything changed for me after starting the Shinrin Yoku training course with the Mindful Tourist. My first forest walk (in Castlefreke) was mind changing. It wasn't a mindless walk in the forest, thinking my own thoughts. It was being there, "Aware" and "Noticing" Nature through my senses. It was tapping into the senses -opening them up -letting Nature in. This opened up a whole new experience for me. It felt different; I was taking it all in, experiencing it and appreciating it. Part of that process for me is photography, wanting to capture Nature in all its wondrous beauty. The wild, rugged, rural setting where I live combined with the changing seasons offer an ever-changing playground for me in which to explore and experiment. We are so lucky to have such beautiful Nature around us and lucky to have Milena and Pin to support us and point us in the right direction! How amazing it was to be able to join up each week with a group of like-minded people via the internet and to learn from each other. Even though we are like scattered leaves across the globe, we all have a lot in common; love of Nature, protection of the environment and use of Nature for well-being. What I learned from the course was to be open-minded, reflective and to see things from a different perspective. So I'll raise a glass of champagne to that!
Shinrin Yoku lady in Cork Country, Ireland
Emir Featherstone
I am very happy to be able to use the certification for educational purposes in for the people of my city and future that I may visit, also to complement my wellness tourism business @KIMKELEN with the forest bath technique and to provide health and identity with the forest to the people who wish During the course I learned that one of my weaknesses is managing the business, I always focused on being a better therapist and providing a better service, so I must value my effort and increase the price of my service. The most pleasant thing was meeting people from other parts of the world and being united by nature and well-being. One of the achievements was to obtain a tool to be able to work in nature with people. And of course I will celebrate it in a large forest. I would like to thank my colleagues and milena for their patience for my English and for the times when I forgot the language: p
Moises Forest Bathing in Chile
Moises Díaz Négrin
I’m glad that I know how to connect with nature in a meaningful way now. So much wisdom, so much to learn. One of my dream is to be able to host sound bath in nature, surrounded by tall trees, with the sound of birds, wind, and the sea, or just to flute next to a waterfall. So calming, and the songs I play in nature will never be the same, it is created in the moment. Now I walk in nature in a mindful way, I’m able to practice using my senses, open to exploration, letting the sound to guide me. Immersing fully in nature, help me see things in new perspective. I enjoy alone time, being alone and enjoy the sound of silence. So much peace and serenity. I hope to be able to find my special tree, or my own sacred space one day out in nature 🙂
Adelynn Sound healing in the forest
Adelynn Shan Lee
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