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The Amazing Place for Forest Bathing in Japan – Hayama no Mori, Nara

Hayama no Mori campground or はやまの森野営場 is a real escape from the busy city life. With less than 2-hour drive from Kyoto city and less than 50-minute drive from Nara Park, this campground is easily accessible and is a perfect Forest Bathing getaway. If you are visiting Japan's Kansai area, a few nights at this campground amidst forest will reset and recharge your mind and body.

In Japan, the term "Shinrin Yoku (森林浴)" is a household phrase. It literally translates as "Forest Bathing", immersing oneself in nature for increased well-being, and it has become a national pastime. The idea is that you switch off your mind, bask in nature, and let the forest’s healing hands do the rest.


Hozukawa River Boat Ride – Nature Excursion in Kyoto

The Hozugawa Boat Ride ( 保津川下り, Hozugawa Kudari) is a highly recommended experience outside of the city, especially for those who have a few days in Kyoto or have been to Kyoto more than once. Here, not only you will experience the scenic boat ride along Hozugawa or Hozu River, you will get a glimpse of the history of the bustling and thriving water transport culture, prevailing Japan over a thousand year ago.