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“This is definitely a one of a kind experience! Pin is very caring and tender, she payed a lot of attention to my well-being during the hike and subsequent massage/reiki session. She is a very good soul and I’m glad to have met her! It was extremely hot that day, yet I received so much energy that I could’ve kept hiking for hours. I felt very refreshed after the experience! Highly recommended if you’re into nature!”


“The Mindful Tourist’s Day Trip was absolutely awesome! We discovered a part of the Kyoto’s forest we would have never explored otherwise. We had a refreshing hike in the woods and enjoyed delicious snacks. We had a great back massage that was delivered in the woods with the sounds of the birds. Pin was a friendly host and a very interesting person. We would highly recommend! Thanks Pin!”


“I had a great time with Pin in the beautiful forests of Kyoto. The location was absolutely beautiful and the hike in the woods was very enjoyable. It’s very easy to get to since it’s located right behind the most famous park in Kyoto. Pin was really nice and made me some fresh juice and granola bars. We hiked for about an hour, got to take in some wonderful views, and then stopped at a nice spot in the forest for the reiki session. The session itself was very relaxing, especially given you’re surrounded by so many trees and the sound of birds. After the session we walked a bit further and ended up at the Kiyomizu dera temple. I definitely recommend this experience for anyone who wants to get in touch with nature and have a unique experience with an expert!”


“Great experience with wonderful host. Milena took us to a gentle hike in the beautiful forest in Nara and then gave us a shiatsu massage in nature. Unique experience. Milena and Pin were attentive hosts, responding fast to accommodate my time and location constraints.”

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“I’ve been to Kyoto many times but this was truly differentiating! It was a breeze to communicate with Pin and she welcomed us very warmly. There were no awkward moments and we went away feeling like we made a new friend. If you are looking to do something different on your trip to Kyoto and go off the tourist trail, I would recommend booking this experience. It is a very easy hike in the forest and relaxing to close to nature.”

“This experience with Pin was incredible! 🙂 It was one of the BEST days of our entire Japan trip. The hike was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect way to be surrounded by nature, get physical activity, see stunning temples and shrines, and enjoy some much needed relaxation away from the cities. Pin is a gem. She is so sweet and so kind. I experienced one of the best massages I’ve ever had thanks to her! We had so much fun chatting with Pin, getting to know her, and spending time with her. I highly recommend this experience to everyone. There is a short hike involved but it’s doable for everyone of all skill levels and so worth it to see the beauty of Japan outside of the cities. Getting a massage outside in the middle of the forest was the best! Thank you so much Pin :)”


“This experience was unique and incredible. I particularly enjoyed Pin’s kindness and her hospitality. The hike was incredible with lots of photo spots . The massage and Reiki performed in the forest was also what made this experience special. Thank you Pin. You are awesome.”

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“This was a unique and magical experience in the forests of Kyoto. Pin has a holistic understanding which helped with the experience. We left feeling healed. “


“Our experience with Pin was absolutely a highlight of our trip. Pin was easy to talk to and had planned everything so we felt truly connected to nature and comfortable. A wonderful massage in a beautiful setting! “

“A wonderful experience. Whilst you could easily do the hike alone, the spa treatment in the midst of the first is definitely unique and a great antidote to the hustle and bustle of Kyoto. A great experience if you like nature and hiking.”


“I really enjoyed my time with Milena! We had great conversations and the forest she took us to was beautiful. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards!”

David and Judith

“Pin was a lovely guide and it was a lovely tour 🙂 We hiked to a secluded spot in the trail where you had the option of a reiki session or massage. Our only complaint was the mosquitoes! Which is not something anyone could change, but do keep this in mind if you’re going for a hike when the weather is still really warm.”


“Excellente expérience. Découverte d’un cadre verdoyant et sauvage dans la forêt. Très bons massages. Relaxants. Conversation très intéressantes. Je recommande.”


“We spent the morning with Milena, who was a really excellent host. Having lived in Japan for many years, she was able to share some interesting insights into Japanese culture and lifestyle.
The massage and Forest bathing on the mountain top was very special, she took her time, nothing felt rushed and there was no watching the clock.
We got some great tips on where to lunch and what else to see and do in Kyoto. Highly recommend this experience.”

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