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Dear all,

For this week please read The Mindful Tourist Code of Ethics and The Mindful Tourist Practice Guidelines.

I look forward to hearing about your thoughts on it. This will be discussed in Week 2.

Thank you and warm regards,


Dear all,

I hope this finds you well.

I have prepared a few activities for you:



After you have read carefully both documents, please SIGN A PLEDGE


Acting ethically can be affected by a number of individual and group influences as well as context, so even though an individual may be aware of ethical issues and has worked through the decision-making process, their motivation or ability to act ethically may be compromised.

Acting ethically depends on many skills including a capacity for leadership, effective prioritization and risk management.

For this activity, I would like to ask you to brainstorm some ideas in your notebook on the following

1) possible ethical issues that may come up in your work as a TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide.

2) potential solutions to those ethical issues. What do you do beforehand to avoid these issues?

3) Compile your answers to 1) and 2) into an essay of 500 words or more. Send it to The Mindful Tourist by email before week 2.


There is no wrong or right way to start designing your Shinrin Yoku Session, but here will be some preparation you will have to do prior to taking you client/s out

Here are some questions to get you started on thinking about your career/work as a TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide.


What is your target and ideal clientele? Do you want to work with kids, elderly, disable, families, adults, body-unable individuals? Depending on your target clientele you will have to think of some ethical issues that may arise and practical aspects specific to your target group. For instance, is it appropriate to take an underage individual to a forest for a shinrin yoku session? If you take an elderly couple, will they need an assistance? How will menage a group session? List your ideas below.


Submit the form prior to Week 2 Session by email. In the subject line write [Level-1, Week 2]

In this activity, I would like to ask you to design a pre-session or registration form for you client. Imagine that someone contacts you after they saw your website or advertisement and want to book a Shinrin Yoku session with you. The website provides them with all the information they need: location, duration of a session, how to get there, what to take, etc.

To ensure your safety and that of your client, design a form by using Google Forms.

It is up to you how you structure questions, but the form should include the following elements:

What else can you include?


Have a nice day and see you next week.