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Hello there,

For this week, please have a look at the book titled  [Nature & Therapy]. You may find some interesting inspirations in the book.

For this week please also  read this section on Your Client's Wellbeing & Yours.

Read the basics of First Aid.

Warm regards,


Dear All,

For the upcoming session of Week 5, I would like to ask you to prepare the following:


  1. Use your learning from Week 1-4 to make changes in the content of the Shinrin Yoku experience you will be providing.
  2. Go over the checklists lead out for you in the content section of Week 5.
  3. In your notebook, list down the areas/items you still have to work on.
  4. Set in motion an action plan.
  5. How the content of the session has evolved compare with the beginning of the training.


In this activity, I want to ask you to work on the EXPLORATION ELEMENT of the Shinrin Yoku experience you will be providing to the public.

  1. Please deconstruct the following instructions into smaller steps by rewriting them
    a) touch your chest
    b) look at this tree

Note 1: Part of creating a meaningful experience for your client is:
- communicating clearly instructions;
- the smoothness of the session;
- the speed with which the session flows;
- the speed you talk with and walk with;
- how much you talk;
- how much freedom you client has during the experience.

Note 2: To deconstruct a) and b), think of:
- steps you have to take before the exploration element. Imagine that you are walking towards the main location of where the exploration will take place. You are there. And then you say: Touch your chest. ( I am sorry this so funny if I imagine this - haha!). Obviously you feel this is not the right way to give instructions).
- pay special attention to the language you use,
- think of what you should be saying first, next etc.
- thinks of ways to conclude the activity and transition smoothly out of it.


In Week 1-4, you were asked to design some activities for your clients.

  1. Pick one activity
  2. Try to improve it by using tips from Activity II.
  3. You will present this activity to your partner next week to get the feedback.


Please send a zip folder with the following documents to The Mindful Tourist before Week 5

  1. Your Shinrin Yoku Guide Philosophy: what values you want to adhere to and what values you wish to promote and why they are important (500 words minimum).
  2. Reflection Essay on your progress (between 250 and 500 words)
  3. A piece of writing on one activity you designed, including:
    a) WHAT is the activity;
    b) WHY in your eyes this activity will be advantageous to your client;
    c) HOW are you going to execute it, what steps it involves, describe it details.
    d) What potential risk hazards it entails and how to mitigate it.


Thank you for your work =).

Warm regards,