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Online Course

TMT Online Forest Bathing
Guide Certification Training
- Level 1 (US$699)

Learn the art and the science of forest bathing and get certified as a Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Guide. This course is a prerequisite for TMT Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Instructor Certification Training Level 2.

TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Practitioner

- Level 1 -

TMT’s online Forest Bathing course is equally suitable for absolute beginners in the health and wellness practices, as well as professional wellness practitioners of various modalities.

Once enrolled in the program, you will be given access to The Mindful Space platform, which provides a seamless Forest Bathing learning experience online, with over 20 hours worth of in-depth reading materials on Forest Bathing, mindfulness, physical and mental wellness.

In all, this theory + practical training program enriches the in-nature training, deepens understanding and provides our students with an ongoing knowledge on Forest Bathing in order to lead a successful tours or business relating to health and wellness.

After completion of the 15-week course, you will be awarded with
TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide  – Level 1 certification and will be eligible for our
TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Instructor  – Level 2 training online, in Japan or Thailand.


Online Certification Training Program

Here at The Mindful Tourist, we aim to provide a conducive environment for you to go deep into the vast and transforming world of Forest. Connect to yourself, experience the profound healing powers of nature and go on to share your passion with the world. Our training includes lessons on business inspirations and entrepreneurial mindset.


Learn to slow down and pace yourself to the rhythm of nature. Expand and deepen your knowledge on the healing powers of nature. Focus on what matters to your well-being and be inspired to serve others doing what you love.

Grow & Transform

Achieve a healthy work/life balance. Experience profound personal growth and development, and help transform lives as a certified forest bathing guide or nature-based wellness practitioner.

Create Value

Find your "Ikigai" or "The reason for being," and live a life of meaning and purpose. Use your passion to inspire the service of others and, in that service, create the opportunity for business.

If nature has touched your life in some ways and your interest and curiosity have lead you here on our website, it is probably a good indication that you would like to turn this affinity for nature into something tangible. Our Forest Bathing training courses have helped and guided students to turn their passions into a lifestyle, a purpose, a career, a business.

In this section, we discuss how this training could help you align your goals, add values to your life, and following your inner guidance to ensure that you are living your very unique purpose.

How You Could Benefit From
Our Practitioner Training

  • You will learn how to live in harmony with nature and maintain a balanced state of mind in everyday living and different trying situations you will encounter in life. Learn how to be kind to yourself and take better care of people close to you.
  • You will learn alternate and gentle ways to heal hearts, minds and bodies. Shinrin Yoku training is particularly useful for health, fitness and wellness professionals and may be used to enhance the effectiveness of other wellness modalities practiced by professionals in the fields of, including, but not limited to yoga, mindfulness, naturopathy, psychotherapy, massage therapy, meditation, energy healing, somatic movement and medicine.
  • You will learn how to incorporate the newly acquired nature connectedness skills into your existing skills and create a truly unique healing experiences for your clients.
  • You will learn about one of the most important aspects of our everyday living, natural unprocessed food and conscious eating. What we consume, how much and when all affect our well-being (discussed in detail in Level 2).
  • You will learn to better follow the rhythm of nature and how being one with nature can heal your body, mind and soul.
  • You will learn skills to impart knowledge, pay attention to your clients’ well-being and guide them to a relaxing state where they are fully present.
  • You will also learn important commercial skills and be inspired to create your own path to monetize your passions and find balance in life.

While getting paid doing something you love is fantastic, getting a hug at the end of your workday is sometimes all it takes to make the hours of training worthwhile.

TMT Online Shinrin Yoku Certification Training - Level 1

US$ 699 / person
  • Practitioner's Forest Bathing and mindfulness training
  • 10 x Practice Sessions
  • 1-year Access to The Mindful Space
  • A certification upon successful completion of the program
  • 60-hour accreditation by International Health & Wellness Standards Association (IHWSA)
  • Be a part of an international community
  • The right to set up TMT retreat in your own country
  • Eligibility to be featured on Forest Bathe Around the World
  • Listing on The Mindful Tourist website showcasing your profile and a link to your business
  • Franchise business opportunity (upon completing level 2)

Upcoming Training

Classes are held every Wednesday

TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1 
July 21 – October 27, 2021 

11 PM (GMT +2; Central European Time)


TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1
September 15 – December 22, 2021 

Time to be announced


TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1 
November 17, 2021 – March 9, 2022

Time to be announced


TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1
January 19 – April 27, 2022

Time to be announced


Your Benefits

Reflection & Practice

15 weekly group sessions ( 1.5h/weekly)

10-hour in-forest practice

TMT reflective practice

Tailored to individual differences

TMT active approach to learning

Mentoring & Consulting

1 x 60-minute Check-out Session

Support when you need it during the training

1 x 60-minute Forest Bathing/wellness business consultation

1-year access to The Mindful Space (a level-1 learning platform)

Level Up

Register NOW and get $200 credit for your Level 2 training in Japan or Thailand, or $100 credit for your online Level 2 training, and get certified to teach as a TMT Forest Bathing

The Mindful Space

Weekly Training Outline

The Mindful
Forest Bathing

Week 1-5

1. Orientation & Foundation

2. TMT Practice Guidelines & Code of Conduct

3. Forest Bathing: The Roots

4. The Science of Nature & Connectedness 

5. Your Shinrin Yoku Session I

The Mindful You

Week 6-10

1. Your Wellbeing

2. You & 5 Senses

3. Your Values

4. Your Empathy

5. Your Shinrin Yoku Session II

Shinrin Yoku Certification Training in Japan with The Mindful Tourist with a man contemplating on stacked rock art

The Mindful Business

Week 11-15

1. Your Passion & Leadership

2. Your Mission & Vision

3. Transforming your Weaknesses into your Unfair Advantages

4. Your Why & Definition of Success

5. Completion

The Mindful Space

Level 1 Online Training Platform

15 weekly group sessions

Practical and Theoretical Forest Bathing Trainings, TMT reflective practice, 10-hour in-forest practice​

Business consultations​

1 x 60-minute Turn-Your-Passion-Into-A-Business sessions. Learn how to stress less and live more!
Watch a consultation session on The Mindful Tourist YouTube.

1-year access​

Access The Mindful Space anytime, anywhere to gain a deeper knowledge on nature healing, mindfulness, ethical business practices and get inspired!

US$200 credit

Apply $200 credit to your Level 2 training in Japan or Thailand (or $100 credit to your online Level 2 training). Get a live in-forest training and earn your rights to teach at TMT or open TMT in your country.

Why Choose The Mindful Tourist​

online Shinrin Yoku training The best forest bathing course

Research-Based Content

Our curriculum is founded on solid research about Forest Bathing and its holistic well-being benefits. Designed to
provide broad and varied experiences and activities it invites you to think deeply about what nature means to you and builds on your prior knowledge and experiences.

Forest Bathing Certification Training with a group of persons listening to a speaker in the forest

High Standard of Training

Our client’s well-being is of utmost importance. Our students go through training topics such as ethical guidelines & code of conduct, values and empathy to maintain high standard of client services.

Forest Bathing Certification Training with The Mindful Tourist

Certification Training

Internationally recognized certification with internship opportunities with The Mindful Tourist upon completion. Train in Japan or
Thailand. Cultivate mindfulness and connect deeply to nature. Live the
Forest Bathing retreat’s life to get inspired to design your own. Courses accredited by IHWSA.

Shinrin Yoku training with two women basking in the forest atmosphere

Vocational Support

Turn your passion into a business, through TMT Connected Community’s business consultations and franchise business model. Whether your ambition is to open a TMT training or retreat centers, achieve synergy with your current ventures or earn from your hobby, we can help you.

A Message from TMT Head Instructor

Milena The Mindful Tourist Co Founder and Creative Director

Because we believe that a Forest Bathing session is more than just a hike in the woods or a hug of trees, our sessions are usually used as a tool to connect with clients on a more profound level. When this connection happens, it is a golden opportunity to use your passions to transform lives. It is not uncommon for a client to discuss chronic health complaints, deep personal struggles or detrimental stress during a session. By learning how to respond appropriately, trust and a meaningful connection is established.

Milena A. Guziak

TMT Co-Founder, creative director & head instructor

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“I can’t remember ever taking a class where the harmony and energy was so right off the bat. After the first meeting I felt I had arrived in a way I hadn’t in a long time. It is not only the topic that unites us but also something deeper, an inner basic attitude towards life and nature. This bond has made me look forward to seeing each other’s faces on my laptop all the more each week.

Since childhood, I was passionate about nature. As a resilience therapist, the forest, with its health-promoting properties, has taken on an even more important place for me. The Mindful Tourist has taught me a lot and brought closer my desire to combine resilience therapy with Shinrin Yoku. I have not only learned theoretical knowledge but also more about myself and the unconscious connection and background of my love for nature. I have rediscovered myself a little bit through some tasks.

At the beginning of the course I didn’t know what exactly to expect and was open to everything. Still, I didn’t think that after an online course I would walk out with so much knowledge that I can put into practice. Milena and Pin, with their style and approach, have also been incredibly beneficial in making the weeks so educational and enjoyable. As well as my wonderful course mates who, through conversation and their thoughts, gave me an hour that I looked forward to all week 🙂

I have been looking forward to doing Level 2 training and practicing Shinrin Yoku in the Japanese woods since the beginning.

Thank you Milena, Pin, Stephanie and Dhouha for such a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see you all and laugh together with you in person!” Agata Bielski, TMT certified Shinrin Yoku guide.

What They Say About Us

What a beautiful, insightful, health affirming 15 weeks this has been. It has not only opened up my world to the healing capacity of Shinrin-yoku but also offered space for connection, reflection, professional development + my own self care. As a Naturopath, I am passionate about nature as our wisest teacher and most abundant healer. This course reflected that the laws of nature really are the fundamental truth: as we were guided towards self-enquiry, perspective and our 'Ikigai' (reason for being), which I cannot wait to share, to optimise health outcomes in my patients and to those new to nature-based therapy. The course was taught professionally, with so many informative and evidenced based resources. It was lovely to meet every week, uplifted by like-minded but diverse reflections from classmates based around the world, as we learnt together. I am very much looking forward to completing the Level 2 training in Japan and know The Mindful Tourist will be with me every step of the way, as I continue to learn by embracing these ideals as part of me. Thank you Milena & Pin, its been wonderful to watch this all unfold. Well wishes & gratitude, Emily Sarkies (Naturopath, WOW Hub) @emilysarkies_naturopath / @wowhub_
It is not often, through the course of my life, that I get to be part of a circle where members are from greatly diverse backgrounds both culturally as well as professionally. Yet, it is also not often, in the course of my life, where I find myself in a circle where people are so like-minded, in their connection to nature, motivation to head in a particular direction of their lives and level of empathy and kindness. For that alone — in finding this community and in building these friendships and comradeships which I hope will last a lot longer than the 15 weeks we have spent together — I am grateful. I joined the course as an uncertain, cynical, doubtful lost soul, and am now going to leave as a more positive, determined open-minded version of myself. Rewind back to 4 months ago, I would never have believed I would make a video of myself (which subsequently gets uploaded onto YouTube) and would go on to guide more than 15 hours of forest bathing sessions with client (albeit friends). The knowledge I have gained along the way, whether its through the course readings, recommended books, inspirational videos or sharing sesions, has been immense and broad. I also feel immensely proud and supported, that I now have two kind, generous and creative ladies I can reach out to as my mentors, in forest bathing, in business, in the quest for ikigai, and in life. I truly hope I will not disappoint, and will go on to kickstart and build @The_Backyard_Bathers, my forest bathing practice with an arty, crafty twist — with the aspiration of enhancing holistic wellness and spreading joy through connecting with nature, client by client. I also cannot wait till the day I can undertake TMT Level 2 to strengthen the foundation and extend the path, and meet some of you in person. Till then, may we all go out there and pursue our ikigai! Wishing everyone great success in the paths which you choose, and keep in touch!
For some years now, I had been very curious to understand and study more about Shinrin Yoku. This pandemic brought pain, but it also brought opportunities of light, for me, this certification has been that light. I will always be grateful for that! As a dancer I have felt that I do not always fit well into the mold of the image of the dancer that one is supposed to be, I have learned over time that each living being is its own way and I discovered that nature is part of that destiny for me, The TMT certification is my new HOW in life. Every Tuesday morning as soon as I turned on the computer and saw all the faces of my classmates and teachers, those were all enjoyable moments, what I loved with all my heart was that we all embraced and respected each other's individual processes, even the curriculum is designed for that, no one got lost along the way. My most endearing achievements were being able to make friends around the world and understand that this technique is as personal as the individual who performs it, this left me an open field for imagination. I will celebrate these achievements by following my life path, saying yes to life. Thank you Milena for accompanying us in the most kind and sensitive way that a human being can accompany, thank you Pin for your support and for your follow-up with such passion and commitment, you two have inspired me to undertake by daring to share who I am with the world, I will always be grateful to them and they will always have a home in Mexico. I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL GUYS IN PERSON AND GIVE US A HUGE HUG!!!!
Lucía Pineda
15 weeks already. WOOW 😀 This really went fast. I am very glad I went on this journey to discover more about Shinrin Yoku and it has been a fantastic inspiring and greatly and educational journey. I was quite unaware of what I was going for when I started, and I have been very pleasantly surprised on the way. This has really enriched my life in many ways. 🙂 In particular, I would like to highlight the wonderful people I have met and with whom I have shared these 15 weeks. I feel like I've made some new good friends for life. <3 The weeks have been characterized by very educational and great weekly assignments that have given me a greater insight and better understanding of Shinrin Yoku, why it is so important in the time we live in and how to create a business based on what we have learned together. It is greatly appreciated and is very useful for us as we move our business to the next level. I am also very grateful to Milena and Pin who have made this possible for us. I cant imagine someone better for the task. I could really feel that you guys care and are there for us. You really have the ability to create good flow in the group and have focused on very exciting topics in a fun and interactive way with my favorite on Passion and Ikigai. This has been fun for me to participate in. I want to use my new certificate to be able to build a stronger foundation together with Priscilla and our business Joyful solutions. Here we will guide people to live more healthy and happy way through nature. Aiming for a spiritual forest community. These weeks has really motivated me to learn more about forests mysteries and not least spend more time in the the forest. Yes, in fact, I'm going on a forest trip this weekend with my friends. : D Thank you so much. <3
Training Caledar
I am very thankful for having joined this Shinrin-yoku training. I could learn a lot about myself, about my relationship with Victor, and about my dream business. I think one of the most important aspects of the training was this great group of diverse and amazing people, each one bringing a different perspective of Shinrin-yoku. Also, I really appreciate the knowledge, friendship and openess of Milena and Pin, that created this space that allowed us to develop and to be more prepared for the world out there. There were so many perspectives of Shinrin-yoku that I didn't know about, such as the existing researches on the topic and how to get prepared for all scenarios possible when guiding our clients. I want to use this certificate to boost my business and guide many people in this path to (re)discover the connection with nature. I see myself giving value to people, supporting them in their self-development process and to go for their dreams fearlessly. I am shocked that 15 weeks have passed, it was such a pleasant time, even if we needed to wake up 5am for the classes :D. Everything was worth it! And I know I still have so much to learn, and I will continue my studies and practices. Thank you so much trainers and colleagues for this amazing time together!!! You can count on me for life! Hopefully, see you all on level 2 training. You are all welcome to Sweden and Norway to visit, to do your internship (just throwing out a suggestion :P) to do business... I know we have a long and brilliant way ahead!
Forest Bathing Trips around the world with a woman touching a tree trunk
My Shinrin Yoku trail has been a path of self discovery. And it still is. I’m traveling through life and on my backpack a new patch of a Japanese Hinoki tree is sewed. It’s my certification. My souvenir that invites me to discover new destinations. Still unknown, but inviting. My Shinrin Yoku patch helps me to see and choose more paths then before. More directions, more chances, more knowledge and more inspiration. My map and my world became bigger. My monkey mind got calmer and my inner bear got louder. I’ve learned that being connected to nature is being connected to yourself. We are nature. We come from nature and that’s why we all return to nature. That’s why we find health and happiness in nature. I mostly enjoyed the gifts that come to you when you open up your senses. When you listen to the invitations of nature. When you look with different eyes or feel with different fingers. Finding awesomeness in ultimate awareness. Like witnessing the dance of light and shadow through the leaves of a tree. I’ve learned to take myself into the present moment. The only place where life truly exists. Nature showed me the way. I gained a greater awareness of different perspectives. Reconnecting with nature rewires the brain. Just like being thankful. So I’ll celebrate this certification by having and sending thankful thoughts every coming day for 21 days. Thank you Milena and Pin for making this all possible. And thank you, all new friends. Thank you for your wonderful support and stories. Thank you for your part in my journey.
A man sitting on a giant rock forest bathing under a tree in Ansterdam
I am an online Marketing Manager for holistic health, working from home. I'm also going to have the license of a resilience therapist/coach here in Germany and gained a lot of knowledge in the holistic therapy field while working together with a naturopath. I strongly believe in the healing aspects of Shinrin Yoku. In connection with my background and the upcoming resilience therapist license I want to share and show the knowledge of forest bathing. The reason why I chose to train with The Mindful Tourist is because I love Japan, the culture, the nature and because it was always one of my big dreams to connect my job or my private life somehow with this beautiful country. I really like the concept of your training and the possibilities to connect with others afterwards and be part of your franchise business model. So I'm looking forward so much to this course, the trip to Japan and all of the beautiful people I'm going to connect with.
I was trying for a long time to find the right words that express how special & meaningful these 15 weeks of online program have been. As the owner of a boutique tour operator for wellbeing retreats & mindful journeys to Asia and personally being deeply in love with Japan, I've always been interested in diving deeper into the topic of Shinrin Yoku. During the pandemic seeing everyone near and far lose their ground, I felt becoming a Shinrin Yoku guide myself would be a useful additional qualification in my professional life but above all I felt I could help others to reconnect and to heal with the power of nature. Helping people regaining their energy and bringing back the glow in their eyes generally is the greatest joy for me. But during the course I realised it has become a deep journey to myself. I had the honor to meet the most wonderful ladies every week online and I think it was quite magical how connected we felt right from the start. We were so open, honest and emotional with each other that it was a million times more than an advanced online training. I believe all of us learned a bit more about our own purpose through the reflection and support of the others. Thank you to the power woman Pin and to Milena, our guide through these weeks, a wonderful, highly professional and very sensitive human being. And thank you to my “school buddies” Agata and Dhouha. Already miss you all dearly and can't wait to see you in person soon.
Stephanie Syiemlieh
This Forest Bathing retreat with Pin was incredible! 🙂 It was one of the BEST days of our entire Japan trip. The hike was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect way to be surrounded by nature, get physical activity, see stunning temples and shrines, and enjoy some much needed relaxation away from the cities. Pin is a gem. She is so sweet and so kind. I experienced one of the best massages I’ve ever had thanks to her! We had so much fun chatting with Pin, getting to know her, and spending time with her. I highly recommend this experience to everyone. There is a short hike involved but it’s doable for everyone of all skill levels and so worth it to see the beauty of Japan outside of the cities. Getting a massage outside in the middle of the forest was the best! Thank you so much Pin 🙂

Why is Our Price
So Affordable?

We made a pledge to focus on our purpose and passion (for us and our team), value and inspiration (for our students/clients), sustainability and inclusion (for the environment and the community) and we agreed never to make business-related decisions based on financial reasons. We also will remain boutique and personalized.

Being frugal and intentional with our daily expenses and being creative with our strategies allow us to keep our costs very low and, as a result, we do not need a massive number of students to be profitable. Not having to pay rent for an office space and not having advertising budget enable us to offer affordable quality education. Not advertising means you find us with intention and we do not spend our money to promote more distractions in the world to put our content in front of those who do not need to see it. We choose to grow slowly, steadily and organically.


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