The Mindful Guide

Attend 15-week Training

You are allowed to miss 2 classes. Missing more than 2 will result in you having to make up for unattended session/s with additional cost. This mean that your graduation will be delayed.

Business Consultation

1 x 1 hour business consultation with TMT founder, Pin.
You may book your sessions commencing week 10 of your training (Level 1)

For those who wish to become TMT Connected Community, 2 x 1 is anticipated (Level-2)

Mentor Consultation

3 x 1 hour education consultation with TMT Co-founder and Creative Director, Milena on the top of 5 Instructor Practice Sessions

This is for those who wish to become a part of TMT Connected Community (Level-2)

Forest Bathing Practice

Complete 10 practice sessions of forest bathing experience. Go to Practice Log Hours to find out more.

Check-out Session

After you have submitted your Practice Log Hours, schedule 1-hour session with your mentor Milena. The aim of the session is to verify your log hours and discuss your niche.