Morning Jog around Kiyomizu-dera Temple, one of the most celebrated temples in Japan
Right: Pin Chinnapat Veerasomboonsin, Founder and Managing Director, The Mindful Tourist

The Mindful Tourist collaborates with Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, Japan to celebrate Global Wellness Day on June 6-9 2019

Hotel guests and locals can immerse themselves in a series of four complimentary and life-affirming experiences within and around the Hotel’s tranquil pond garden surrounds.

Commenting on the event, Pin Chinnapat Veerasomboonsin, Founder and Managing Director at The Mindful Tourist said: “It’s a real honor for me to be involved with organizing and leading activities on Global Wellness Day 2019 in partnership with Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto. I was very happy to see many hotel guests and the local community participating a series of wellness activities with Shinrin Yoku (森林浴) or Forest Bathing being the main activity that takes people outside to reconnect with nature and their inner peace.”

List of Activities:

Day One (Thursday, June 6) Jogging in Higashiyama
Rise with the sun for a gentle jog in our neighbourhood Higashiyama area past ancient Kyoto’s tranquil UNESCO temples and through Gion’s atmospheric streets, oxygenating the body and raising the spirits.

Day Two (Friday June 7) Zen Meditation
A unique and rare opportunity to learn the art of Zazen (Sitting Zen Meditation) under the guidance of Keinin Magami, the Deputy Head Monk of one of Kyoto’s leading and oldest Zen temples, Kennin-ji Temple. Following the same techniques taught at the temple, complete with Keisaku Zen stick, learn how to achieve this holistic wellness posture designed to bring connection to the whole Universe.

Day Three (Satuday June 8) Zen Yoga
Get physical with Zen Yoga on the Tea House terrace amid lush greenery and rippling ponds while mastering a unique series of postures and breathing exercises designed to foster a deeper mind-body-nature connection.

Day Four (Sunday June 9) Forest Therapy
Discover the traditional Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku or “forest therapy”, with Pin Chinnapat Veerasomboonsin,: an opportunity to connect mindfully with the senses and immerse in the healing power of nature. As sunlight filters through the treetops casting a dancing dappled light, the renewed sense of clarity and vitality is a wonder in itself.

“Having lived in Japan for a few years, I am inspired by the Japanese way of life, conscious living and appreciation of nature. For this reason, I have started to practice Shinrin Yoku myself as a spiritual and mindful practice and guide groups of nature lovers ,” concludes Veerasomboonsin.

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