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Earn the right to use our brand name and get access to a proven business model, training platform, processes, training resources, marketing campaigns, social media, and other business support that we provide.

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We do all the behind-the-scene work and provide a turnkey solution, so you can focus on doing what you love and keeping your customers happy.

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Be a part of an international nature and well-being related business community and tap into support network whenever you have questions or need advice.

How to Join The Community

Get trained and become a certified TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1 and/or Instructor Level 2 through The Mindful Space and our live in-forest training and unlock the benefits of being a part of TMT Connected Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TMT Connected Community?

TMT Connect Community operates using a franchise business model where The Mindful Tourist’s certified guides and instructors get to be a part of. 

TMT Connect Community gives exposure to The Mindful Tourist’s certified guides by featuring them through TMT Forest Bathing Around The World.

After being certified, students will get business advice they need to be able to operate a TMT Forest Bathing Retreat (Level 1 required) or open a TMT Forest Bathing training center (Level 2 required) under The Mindful Tourist brand name, “The Mindful Tourist – (your hometown)” and be listed on our website for better exposure.


What is the difference between a TMT retreat and a TMT training center?

A TMT retreat welcomes visitors (day visitors or overnight visitors) who would like to experience Forest Bathing, cultivate mindfulness and/or experience a wellness holiday. You are required to have a Level 1 certification for this.

A TMT training center (TMT Franchise) opens up your possibilities to use TMT curriculum to train wellness practitioners from different modalities to become a Forest Bathing guide or use knowledge on nature connectedness and its healing powers to complement their existing therapy skills. You will also be able to award them with a TMT certificate after a successful completion. You require both Level 1 and Level 2 certification to be eligible to run a TMT training center.

The training center is not necessarily a brick and mortar business. The world has changed and an online course is a very effective way of learning. This gives all of us an opportunity to teach anywhere and means our students can teach for TMT from anywhere. You can do this while you have a full time job. This is because you create your own teaching schedule.


What if I don't want to set up a TMT Franchise? ​

Then you don’t have to. You can be a part of this as a freelancer and lead Forest Bathing tours, in your own country, as a hobby on the weekend to keep your passion alive.

You can create opportunities for yourself where you see fit. See what is possible in your country or outside of your country. For example, you may want to reach out to luxury wellness retreats/hotels.

You may also set up your own business that combines other skills you have.

You are the driving force in shaping your future.

How much does it cost and how much will I earn?

TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide
If you are our certified Level 1 guide, it is completely FREE for you to advertize your Forest Bathing session on Forest Bathe Around The World page. TMT takes care of the website hosting fee, marketing expenses and administrative fees for each sign up for you. If you are not a TMT certified guide or instructor and you still want to be featured on our website, some fees will apply.
TMT Shinrin Yoku Instructor
If you are our certified Level 2 instructor, you then earn your right to own a TMT Franchise, with the initial franchise fee waived. We also provide training materials, research data and assignments to keep your clients/students engaged. 

How much freedom do I have in designing my own training plan or retreat?

You usually get a lot of freedom on this. We provide our expertise in the industry and suggest best practices to guarantee success. Under our guidance, you will get to recommend the location of your training or retreat, design the itinerary, determine the price and what is included, plan training dates and control the frequency of the training that best suit your schedule.

What are the benefits of being a part of TMT Connected Community?

There are many! And this can be categorized under 3 main umbrellas; SUPPORT, SYNERGY and COMMUNITY. 

To begin with, you will have access to our established brand name which will do half of the work for you. You will also be able to instantly deploy our proven business model, without having to develop your own systems and strategies over time by trial and error, which may take years to figure out. This comes with the ability to give access to your students to The Mindful Space training platform and training resources. Benefit from TMT marketing campaigns, social media, and other business support that we provide.

If you are setting up a Forest Bathing retreat, being able to use “The Mindful Tourist” brand name gives you competitive advantages. As part of your Level 2 training, you will get to visit our retreat prototype and live the experience.

As part of the community, tap into an international support network from fellow TMT certified guides whenever you have questions or need advice. TMT community is made up of people whose expertise can help you learn to run a successful operation. TMT monitors relevant industry changes that can affect profitability and takes care of the administrative tasks, so you can focus on running your business.

You will have an access to a pool of international certified guides to assist you seasonally or full-time, whichever suits you business needs and cost structure best.


What if I am currently a certified Level 1 guide?

TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1 can start to offer a Forest Bathing trip to interested persons. If your city welcomes international visitors, these trips are a great way for people to discover the natural beauty it has to offer. 

In addition, if you wish to tap into a growing demand for health and wellness tourism, partnering with wellness retreats or resorts to offer their guests nature-based activities as a visiting practitioner could also be an idea. The Level 1 certification also opens up a possibility of opening a TMT Forest Bathing and Well-Being Retreat, in your own territory.

Who are my potential clients for my retreat or training center?

In the world of growing awareness on holistic health and nature connection, the way people choose spend their holiday has evolved. You typical clients for a retreat may the city dwellers who want to disconnect from a busy world and reconnect with themselves or those who suffer from fatigue, low moods, insomnia, high
blood pressure, inactivity, chronic stress and fast-paced lives, and can benefit from spending time in nature. You clients may also be families who would like to spend quality time with their children in
nature, cultivate outdoor spirit and mindfulness in their children.
Check out our Forest Bathing Retreat: The 5 Senses Journey in Thailand to get an idea of possibilities.

As for the training center, we found that many of our students are already qualified in other wellness modalities such as psychotherapy, dance therapy, naturopathy, yoga, reiki, massage therapy and life coach. They join our training in Forest Bathing to gain a deeper understanding of how nature can help one regain health and happiness and to learn ways to apply Shinrin Yoku practice in such a way that enhances their therapies.

We show you the way!

One of the greatest benefits of being a student of The Mindful Toursit is your opportunity to co-own a TMT franchise – Shinrin Yoku Training Center, with no initial franchise fee!

Recruit your own students and start sharing your expertise using our training platform, curriculum, assignments and training methods.

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