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Hinoki Japanese Cypress Essential Oil from the Deep Mountain Forest of Yoshino – 2 Bottles x 5ml

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Premium essential oil from Hinoki cypress, extracted from the deep mountain forest of Yoshino.

Hinoki or ヒノキ is a species of cypress native to central Japan. It is considered sacred and only grows in this part of the world. Hinoki has been used since ancient times in Japan to build temples and shrines. Its aroma captures the essence of Japanese nature.

This has an effect for you to feel relaxed, release stress, reduce tiredness, and stimulate the brain thanks to the natural aromatic properties of alpha-pinene and borneo.

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  • Package Dimensions (per piece): 3.00 x 3.00 x 7.01 cm
  • Package Includes: 2 Bottles x 5ml
  • Shipping Weight: 18 g

Forest Bathing trip in a bottle – What is Forest Bathing?

The forest environment has been enjoyed by humans for a long time because of the quiet atmosphere, beautiful scenery, mild climate, and clean fresh air in forests. In Japan, a forest bathing trip, called “Shinrin Yoku” or 森林浴 in Japanese, is a short, leisurely visit to a forest and is regarded as being similar to natural aromatherapy. A forest bathing trip involves visiting a forest for relaxation and recreation while breathing in volatile substances, called phytoncides (wood essential oils), which are antimicrobial volatile organic molecules derived from trees.

When these molecules are inhaled or absorbed through the mouth and skin, they travel in the blood stream, are pulsed through the body, and instruct the brain. Ongoing research demonstrates that phytoncides increase Natural Killer or NK cell levels as well as increase anti-cancer proteins and proteases (granulysin, granzymes A and B, and perforin) that cause tumor cells to self-destruct. They also relax our parasympathetic nervous system, thus reducing stress hormones, which are widely understood to inhibit NK activity.

Incorporating forest bathing trips into a good lifestyle was first proposed in 1982 by the Forest Agency of Japan. It has now become a recognized relaxation and/or stress management activity in Japan. The results of a study using the Profile of Mood States (POMS) test demonstrated that a forest bathing trip significantly increased the score for vigor and decreased the scores for anxiety, depression, and anger. Habitual forest bathing may help to decrease the risk of psychosocial stress-related diseases. In Japan, forest bathing is easily accessible and a popular activity. Even though, forest bathing is possible in similar environments throughout the world,those who live in big cities may not be able to take a trip to the forest frequently. A study by Dr. Qing Li,MD,PhD, a Physician and Immunologist at Nippon Medical School hospital in Tokyo, Japan, shows that by vaporizing cypress essential oil, the test subject had a 20 percent increase in NK cells and reported feeling less fatigued.

1% of our sales is donated to Thai Conservation of Forest Foundation and Big Trees Project.

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