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Hello there,

For this week, please read the following article of Forest Bathing Business Planning.



Hello there,

This week is week 14 of the training! Thank you for your time and showing up every session.

Activity I

I would like to give you a direct feedback on your work and submission you made in Week 10 ( this week is very important). I think this is also going to be a good opportunity to get to know each other a little bit.

Please arrange a one-hour meeting with me between week 13 and 15.

  1. Send and email to TMT with the following information:
    - your availability between week 13 and 15 of the training,
    - please provide as many options of the time range and dates as possible (this will help me greatly)
    - specify your time zone clearly,
    - in the subject line of the email write: [Week 14, Activity I, Level-1]
  2. The meeting will last one hour maximum.
  3. Prepare also questions you feel have not been answered during the training. Include these questions in your email. We will address them during one-on-one session.

Activity II

  1. Please read a reading material provided in Reading Week 14.
  2. List all the questions that went through your mind during reading the articles in a word document.
  3. Out of the questions, pick 5 and attempt to answer them.
  4. Submit this document (2 & 3) to TMT by email one day before Week 14 session.
  5. In the subject line write: [Week 14, Activity II, Level-1]

I look forward to speaking to you.

Warm regards,