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Dear Everyone,

Last week we talked about your business model, strategies, target audience and why are passionate about your business idea.

This week we are going to look deeper into the path to find your ikigai. Please follow the link below to read Find Your Ikigai or Calling - 13 Ways to Do What You Love for a Living.

Please set aside some time to watch the 1.5-hour long YouTube video titled Tiny Changes with Big Results at the end of the blog post above. It is a long episode, but is worth the time.

Bonus reading: Please explore The Mindful Library, accessible once you log into The Mindful Space, and read The Science of Happiness at Work. This is not a required reading for Week 14.

Whether you go through The Science of Happiness at Work from a perspective of an organization leader, a business owner or an employee, you’ll come away with concrete, research-based strategies you can implement—individually or in teams—to boost your own emotional well-being, support the well-being of colleagues and employees, and foster a workplace culture of happiness.

Speak soon!



Dear All,

After reading Find Your Ikigai or Calling - 13 Ways to Do What You Love for a Living, please identify:

Please prepare to share and discuss these during our discussion on week 14. Remember to be honest and objective when you go through the list.

If you have any question about TMT Connected Community, please prepare your questions and we may discuss this this week, if time allows.

Warmest regards,