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Hello there,

Please take a moment to read this article about Forest Bathing in Japan before Week 3 session. If you feel it is too long, you can alway get back to it later - you can find it in The Mindful Library.

Thank you.

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Dear all,

In line with Week 3's HOW, TMT Code of Ethics, and TMT Practice Guidelines, come up with elements and skills of a Forest Bathing session with your client. What are they?

Imagine that you have found a potential client and he/she will eventually signs up for a session with you. How do you imagine to communicate with your client and commence your session? What skills do you need? How long does it last? What do you do? How do you speak to your client? Ask yourself as many questions as you wish?

Please fill out the form prior to Week 3 session

I look forward to hearing about your ideas.

Thank you warm regards,