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Dear All,

Here is a very interesting research article on developing a connectedness to nature scale. This will be discussed in Week 4.


Warm regards,


Dear all,

I hope you will like this week's assignment. Reading Week 4 talks about measuring connectedness to nature (NCS).  I would like to ask you to answer the same scale.

In Week 4 session, you will be sharing your answers to the questions included in the HOW section and open-ended questions from the questionnaire, as well as Activity I. Please make sure to fill out the questionnaire, as at the beginning of Week 5  we will look at the results obtained from NCS. I will need some time to analyse data collected.


Activity I
Not everyone have access to forest/nature. Think of ways of making your client connect with nature under the following conditions (your clients may come from different walks of life).

a) in an urban city

b) on a hospital bed 

c) in prison 

d) a blind person

Some people also may have phobias; as a result, nature-related interventions may do more harm than good. Some people may have a fixed mindset resulting in resistance towards wellbeing practices in nature and in general.  How would you approach these issues?


Thank you and as always I look forward to an upcoming week!

Warm regards,