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Hello there,

For this week, please have a look at the book titled  [Nature & Therapy]. You may find some interesting inspirations there.

Warm regards,


Dear All,

It has been my pleasure to spend 4 weeks with you.

Over the past four weeks, you have been thinking, exploring, and applying some of your ideas in the assignments set for you.


Activity I

Please go back to

assignments and reflect on them.

In your notebook, brainstorm answers to these questions:

  1. What is or are aims of a Shinrin Yoku experience you will provide?
  2. Does the activities you designed aligned with the aims? If not, please consider designing activities that serve their purpose. 
  3. What do you want your client to feel after the session? Can he gain a new experience or learning he can utilises in his/her daily life/elsewhere?

Activity II

Imagine that you are already a TMT Shinrin Yoku guide/practitioner and you are invited to provide a Shinrin Yoku experience to guests of a wellness resort.

As a guide/practitioner, you are asked by the resort to design a flyer promoting the experience. The leaflet is going to be distributed among guests and included in the experience/treatment menu.

Perhaps it is time to think of your logo/motto/mission and vision statement, as well =). This will be discussed in details in Week 12.

Design a flyer/leaflet/pamphlet and send it as a pdf by email to The Mindful Tourist. In the subject line write Assignment Week 5.


Thank you and I look forward to your pamphlets!

Warm regards,