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Dear All,

Here is an interesting article about strengthening our relationship with nature.

I hope it will give you some idea for your Shinrin Yoku sessions.

Enjoy reading it.

Warm regards,


Dear all,

There are two activities, I would like you to consider for this week assignment.



I would like to ask you to record a short video about yourself. Find a suitable location and make sure you feel comfortable and be creative. Recording in a horizontal position is preferred.

Other requirements are:

I Background of the recording
a) forest or green space
b) other green area background settings

II Content of the video
a) say hello
b) say your name
c) say from where you are
d) say who you are
e) say why have you decided to do the training with TMT
f) say what forest/nature means to you
g) say how your connection with nature has changed your life
h) share what purpose the training serves in your future plans
i) say thank you and goodbye

III Time
There is no time requirements, but keep it short. 5 minutes sounds good. Please do not worry if it is shorter or slightly longer - the quality is more important.

IV Submission

a) please submit the recording by email to TMT ( prior to Session 6
b) we recommend you to upload your video to your google drive and share a link
c) in your email, attach also a picture of yourself in a forest/in nature
d) in the subject line on your email, write [Level 1, Assignment Week 6]
e) please reach out to me if you need more time or you struggle. I hope that I will be able to assist you.



  1. In your understanding, what is mindfulness and well-being?
  2. Consider the 5 Positive Areas of the HOW section. For each area write down activities you do, on a non- or continuous basis, to nurture your well-being.
  3. Is there an area you have been neglecting, but wish to work on it a bit more?
  4. How can you do it? Take a small-step approach to implement the changes.
  5. How does your (improved) well-being may relate to being a more mindful TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide?


We will share our thoughts in Week 6.

Thank you and have a lovely week!