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Dear All,

There is no reading for this week - but instead - please watch the following videos.

Video 1

VIdeo 2

Hope you enjoyed watching this inspiring videos.

Warm regards,


Dear all,



For this week, I would like to ask you to go to a forest/park in the vicinity of your abode and experiment with your all 5 senses. This may also be an opportunity to practice mindfulness.

Have a notebook and something to write with, with you.

Take a moment to write any thoughts that stuck out to you.

You will share your experience in Week 7.

Enjoy your 5-senses mindful forest bathing =).


ACTIVITY II ( you can combine this activity with Activity I)

Find a safe space and make yourself comfortable. Explore your senses. During A-E notice your emotions and your thoughts. Take time to go through each step and feel free to explore.

- take a few minutes to look at yourself in a mirror,
- look at your face,
- look at your feet and hands,
- look at your legs,
- move your body slightly etc.

- take a few minutes to touch some parts of your body,
- touch your hand, your finger,
- touch your face, your head, your hair, etc.

- take a few minutes to pay attention to smells around you
- concentrate one one particular smell, move to another, etc.

- without touching your chest, pay attention to the sound of your heartbeat,
- concentrate on one part of your body until you feel subtle movements like vibrations
- concentrate on your breath

- pick a food you eat every day (bread/rice) or any food/fruit/veggie/ you like or tea
- look at its shape; feel its texture before taking a small bite of it
- once in your mouth, pay attention to how its texture changes and what flavours it releases.

F. Give yourself a big hug, thank yourself, and say My Life is Dear to Me, Life is Dear to All. 


Activity III

Write a minimum of 500-word reflective essay on a) ways to explore your senses and b) ways to facilitate senses exploration with your clients. Include in it your reflections on Activity I and II: what did these activities though you and how is it useful as a TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide?


Send you essay one day before Week 7.

Thank you.

Warm regards,