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Dear All,

Here is a handbook of individual differences. Please explore it with paying special attention to human values.

Thank you warm regards,


Dear All,

For this week, I would like to ask you to reflect on your values through which your life revolves by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. When you were at your best, which values were responsible for it to happen?
  2. If you could only take one thing with you on a trip, what would it be? How does this one thing reflect your values?
  3. What do you really dislike and why? How what you dislike can be frame as a value?

Talk to your friends, family members, and  work colleagues - asked them about what they think your values are. Reflect on they answers.

How can you utilize your values in your practice as TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide?

I look forward to a next session.

Thank you and have a lovely week.

Warm regards,