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We are a leading nature-based wellness education provider, operating under The Mindful Tourist brand name. Our core product is TMT Shinrin Yoku Certification Training Courses, available both online and on-site. Our courses are accredited by IHWSA.

World-class operational support

From our online training platform to our in-house CRM system, our innovative proprietary systems enable our franchise partners to enhance efficiency and drive cost savings and revenue.

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Buy into this franchise opportunity and take advantage of the strong TMT brand recognition. Tap into the growing demand for well-being through nature-based practices in the luxury hotel, corporate, spa and healthcare sectors.

Highly effective sales and marketing

Leverage our highly effective marketing strategy, top ranking website for relevant search terms and social media platforms, which generate consistent inquiries.

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International Brand Name

The right to use our TMT brand and sell our training courses. Benefit from our advertising, well-established presence in the market and website with search engine optimization for your location.

Highly cost-effective

No brick-and-mortar office required. Our level 1 training is conducted virtually allowing you to lower your investment and to capture business internationally, regardless of your location.

Training Curriculum & platform

Our training approach is client-centered and our curriculum are research-based. Benefit from our proven training method that your students will find enriching. Your TMT training center will get the accreditation from TMT.

Established business model

No prior experience is needed. We provide you with the training to ensure you are equipped with the therapeutic and entrepreneurial skills, as well as the understanding of the wellness industry required to operate the training center successfully.

customer & Administrative support

Our team responds to inquiries and takes care of the customer-related administrative tasks on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what matters to you most.

Make a Living from Your
passion for Wellness

If wellness is your passion and having a career that allows you to have balance and joy is your priority, TMT formula is designed to guide you to living a life with purpose and meaning.

Do you feel trapped and unfulfilled in your "successful" career and wonder if there is a path to a more balanced life?

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Forest Bathing Training Online with The Mindful Tourist

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We prepare you for success with practical skills and business acumen.

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Agata from Germany, TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Guide student on her Level 1 training, discussing her journey to wellness. "Health and well-being are important aspects of my life. That's why I want to connect my work more with nature, especially with Forest Bathing. I have had a strong connection to nature since when I was a child. My mother used to take me to Nature all the time. We used to take walks in the park and in the forest watching the animals and giving them food. In Autumn, I remember we collected chestnuts and acorns and made little figures out of them. There's also one memory about my grandmother that she went to the forest with my grandfather when he was sick to hug trees. So these beautiful memories still trigger a longing for nature in me. That's why I enjoyed being in nature so much. I think many can relate that we disconnect from nature all the time due to our jobs or living in the big cities and that's when I want to change. Last year I saw a documentary on shinrin-yoku and that was the first time that I heard this term in relation to this practice and I was so fascinated that I started to do my research. And that's when I stumbled upon TMT. And I just thought wow you need to do this training and it really was the best choice. I learned so much about the science behind shinrin-yoku and about the health benefits and also a few new things about myself. And you meet a lot of wonderful people from all over the world. I really look forward every week to our online course, so I can learn with my group and with people who have the same mindsets and similar views of the world. ," commented Agata Bielski. Follow along Agata's journey here: Meet Our Students: At The Mindful Tourist, we aim to provide a conducive environment for you to go deep into the vast and transforming world of Forest. Connect to yourself, experience the profound healing powers of nature and go on to share your passion with the world. *TMT Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Guide Certification Training- Online (Level 1)* Study from anywhere in the world and become a certified TMT Professional Shinrin Yoku Guide Level 1 with our 15-week online training. The Mindful Space provides a seamless online learning experience, with theory & practical trainings. This course serves as a prerequisite for taking the Level 2 course. *TMT Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Instructor Certification Training (Level 2)* Join us in Japan or Thailand for a 4-day live in-forest training and learn the art and the science behind forest bathing. Gain first-hand experience on how being in nature can help us find health, balance and happiness. Also includes business consultation, the secrets behind customer service excellence and how to turn your passion into a viable business. *Why We Do What We Do* Shinrin Yoku (森林浴) or forest bathing has become a vital part of preventative healthcare in Japan. The results of Japanese studies have shown forest bathing improves sleep quality, mood and ability to focus, strengthens the immune system and reduces stress levels. Chronic stress and inactivity can contribute to the development of many diseases. Spending time in nature, away from modern technology and the hustle and bustle of big cities can improve your physical, mental and even spiritual health by reducing the effects of stress on your body and fostering nature connectedness. Prescribed forest bathing in Japan has led to a healthier lifestyle for people of all ages. With growing interest in forest therapy and the health benefits of forest bathing among researchers and psychologists, The Mindful Tourist aims to promote the practice of forest bathing, increase awareness of nature’s holistic healing powers and make the practice of Japanese Shinrin Yoku more easily accessible to a wider range of audiences.

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get firsthand experience of forest bathing to understand what you are selling

Forest Bathing Certification Training with The Mindful Tourist

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Target wellness practitioners, nature enthusiasts, people looking to change careers


There are 3 types of fees involved in becoming a franchisee.

  • Initial franchise fee: This is a one-time initial fee to become a franchisee. Depending on the size of your territory, this fee starts from US$ 15,000, and it is due before the opening of the business. This fee is waived if you are a part of TMT Connected Community.
  • Marketing fee: This is contributed to the common marketing fund. You will benefit from our advertising campaigns with a global, regional or local market focus. This fee is 10% of your previous year revenue. This fee is waived if you are a part of TMT Connected Community.
  • Operating and management fee: This fee is 20% of the revenue from each sign-up (for level 1 training). The money transfer fee is borne by both parties, equally.

In addition to the fees above, please factor in the salary for your instructors. TMT recommends our certified instructors to you and you get to make the final decision in the recruitment process. If you are a TMT certified instructor yourself, you may choose to teach all classes yourself, so there is no need to hire anyone.

TMT students belong to TMT Connected Community and as a Level 2 certified instructor, you get the right to own a TMT training center, with the initial franchise and marketing fees waived.

Operating and management fees are paid as a percentage of revenue (20%), which means you will only have to pay when there is a sign-up. Therefore, this is considered low risk for the franchisee.

Since you are a certified instructor, you will not need to hire any TMT instructor, if you choose to teach the classes yourself.

It is life-enriching to be sharing your knowledge with others and help them reach their goals.

Forest Bathing Certification Training with The Mindful Tourist

Recommend your students to sign up for our Level 2 training organized by TMT online, in Japan, Thailand or other future locations operated by TMT, and you earn a 10% incentive for a successful sign-up. You will not need to pay the marketing, operating and management fees for this.

The Level 2 Instructor Training is currently being organized exclusively by TMT Head Quarter. 

For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that each franchisee possesses the necessary skills, commitment level, dedication, work ethic, character and strong people skills. There are a number of qualifications we look for in an applicant including, but not limited to;

  • meeting the initial investment requirements
  • willingness to commit to the business
  • willingness to divest of businesses which are direct competition to the TMT business
  • prior management experience, preferably in spa, wellness, healthcare or fitness operations
  • strong communication skills and leadership qualities
  • keen understanding on customer service
  • solid business acumen or entrepreneurial spirit
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