At the 森の心・人の心 – Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest, we strive to create a supportive and transformative environment for you to immerse yourself in the world of forests. Our Shinrin Yoku Guide & Instructor Trainings, accredited by Shinrin Yoku Association & ISO 9001:2015, is rooted in the latest scientific research on Japanese forest bathing, mindfulness, and nature connection practices, as well as Japanese culture. Our training offers a diverse range of experiences and activities to help you delve deeply into what nature means to you, building on your previous knowledge and experiences.


We envision a world where everyone embarks on a lifelong journey of harmony with the forest and themselves. Guided by the Japanese concepts of Shinrin Yoku and Kokoro and understanding these concepts in the global context, our vision is to foster deeper connections between individuals and nature, promoting a shared understanding that we are part of a larger ecosystem. We strive to create a global community wherein the wisdom of the forest shapes the heart and mind of humanity, enhancing our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing while fostering a profound respect and responsibility for our natural environment.

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals as they traverse their unique life paths, using the practices of Shinrin Yoku and the principle of Kokoro. As accredited SYA’s Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy guides and instructors, we are dedicated to facilitating forest and nature immersion experiences that foster deep, meaningful connections between the self and the natural world. We provide comprehensive, culturally respectful training rooted in the Japanese tradition, supporting the development of guides and instructors around the globe. Our goal is to nourish the human spirit, promote personal growth, and contribute to the global movement towards environmental sustainability and mutual respect between humans and nature, as well as address the crisis of mental health and climate change.

At 森の心・人の心 (Mori-no-kokoro・Hito-no-kokoro) Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest, and our Shinrin Yoku Guide & Instructor trainings are deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Japanese philosophy, particularly the concept of Kokoro.

Our Shinrin Yoku Guide & Instructor trainings utilize this fundamental Japanese concept to cultivate a deep connection with nature. The immersive experiences created in these trainings help to mirror the wisdom of the forest, fostering a better understanding of our own Kokoro.

Our trainings are not just about leading guided walks through a forest environment. They are about creating a bridge between human consciousness (Kokoro) and the spirit of the forest (Morinokokoro). 

Through mindful observation, deep listening, and open-hearted presence, our guides and instructors are trained to facilitate experiences that invite participants to resonate with nature, fostering wellbeing and a deep sense of connectedness.

Why Choose Us

Research-Based Content

Our curriculum is built upon rigorous research surrounding Shinrin Yoku/Forest Bathing/Forest Therapy, and nature connectedness. Meticulously designed to offer a diverse array of experiences and activities, our program encourages introspection on the significance of nature in your life while enhancing your existing knowledge and experiences. By engaging with this thoughtfully curated curriculum, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the transformative power of nature.

High Standard of Training

Our clients’ well-being remains our top priority. To ensure the highest standard of client services, our students undergo comprehensive training that covers ethical guidelines, code of conduct, values, and empathy. With our internationally recognized, Shinrin Yoku Association Accredited and ISO-certified Shinrin Yoku Guide & Instructor trainings, you can train in Japan and develop a strong foundation in mindfulness, fostering a profound connection with nature. Join us in cultivating a deeper understanding of the world around us and enhancing the well-being of others through our exceptional training experience.

Uniqe Experience

We invite you to join us in Japan and experience a profound connection to nature like never before. Get certified in the practice of Shinrin Yoku, and embark on a journey to share your newfound passion with the world. Together, we can transform lives through the healing power of forest.

More than 100 Guides

Over the past 2 years, we have grown and expanded, and trained more than 100 Shinrin Yoku Guides worldwide through our online and immersion trainings. They are now listed in the Shinrin Yoku Association’s Shinrin Yoku Guide Directory. Upon successfully completing the training, one-year membership is granted. Receive internationally recognized training of Shinrin Yoku Guide with the certificate issued in Japanese and English.

Shinrin Yoku Guide Training. Shinrin Yoku Association Milena Guziak

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Our Values

Respect for oneself, for others, and for the natural world is a critical aspect of Shinrin Yoku, Kokoro, and Enso. This respect informs our behavior, guiding us to treat all living things with dignity and consideration.

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Personal Growth
The practices of Shinrin Yoku and the contemplation of Kokoro and Enso support our personal growth. They encourage self-reflection and self-understanding, guiding us on the path of lifelong learning and development.

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Inspired by the health benefits of Shinrin Yoku, this value emphasizes a commitment to fostering physical, mental, and emotional health in ourselves and others.

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Inspired by Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing, this value underscores the belief that we are all deeply connected to nature and to each other.

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Both Shinrin Yoku and the concept of Enso encourage mindfulness and presence. Mindfulness is a commitment to engaging fully in our experiences and attending to each moment in a receptive and non-judgmental way.

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Kokoro, representing the heart, mind, and spirit, emphasizes harmony within oneself and with others. It is a call for unity and peace in our interactions.

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The concept of Enso (the circle in the logo), representing the moment when the mind is free to let the body create, inspires us to value and cultivate creativity.

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The Japanese concepts urge us to be true to ourselves, to honor our unique experiences, perspectives, and contributions, and to act in ways that are consistent with our authentic selves.

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The practices of Shinrin Yoku and the principles of Kokoro and Enso all support resilience, or the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, adapt to change, and keep going in the face of adversity.

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During Your Online Shinrin Yoku Guide Training You Will

Our Approach to Shinrin Yoku

Our approach to Shinrin Yoku embraces both the physiological and psychological benefits of spending time in the forest, as well as the active roles played by Shinrin Yoku Guides and participants in a session. Forest bathing, whether guided or self-guided, requires a receptive participant to experience the benefits, be it the individual or nature itself. Shinrin Yoku and forest bathing are often used interchangeably.
While we acknowledge that the most significant benefits to human health come from the forest environment, we understand that not everyone lives close to such natural surroundings. Therefore, our approach emphasizes embracing the present moment and location. Rather than focusing on the inadequacy of a location for a Shinrin Yoku session, we ask ourselves, "What is possible from where I live?"

We appreciates the role individual differences play in life practices and the reciprocal relationship between humans and their environments. Consequently, our approach to Shinrin Yoku embraces diversity in all forms, including our present mental state, skills, and knowledge. Instead of dwelling on perceived shortcomings, we ask ourselves, "How can I utilize my existing skills, potential, and interests in combination with Shinrin Yoku?"

This perspective allows for connecting with nature and oneself in various ways and for creating unique experiences, bringing nature to people and people to nature. Our guides' diverse backgrounds and environments shape their interests, skills, and passions. The core of our approach to Shinrin Yoku lies in fostering human-to-human and nature/forest-to-human connections, relying on the knowledge and creativity of our guides in harmony with the incredible work of nature.
Milena A. Guziak (MChem, PhDEng, MScPsy)
Founder of 森の心・人の心 Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest & Shinrin Yoku Association


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What Students Say​

The Mindful Tourist exceded all of my dreams and expectations. I feel inspired and empowered to guide in nature. I have learned so much about myself and my skills to leap into service in my community.
I am eager to see what comes of this valuable experience. It was a challenge to participate in this program during our coldest winter months in Minnesota, on average around -20 Celcius! It leaves me dreaming of the warmer months ahead, as well as a commitment to build a community sauna & warming house for our woodland property! Expanding on wellness, community, mind-body connection and the splendor of staying in nature all day!
I am in awe of Milena and her gifts as a guide and coach. Thank you Milena! I look forward to in-person forest bathing in Japan with you- one day!
maid the program so much more.
Thank you very much


What a beautiful, insightful , inspiring 15 weeks this has been. When i first started this course, i thought i was going to learn some new insights and skills. Boy was i wrong. What i learned during this program was so much more.

The course and Milena in specific opent up a potential in me what was hidden for a long time. Before this training i was all ready working with people in nature. But this training provided me with the missing dots and links. Milena inspired me to follow my heart and go full for nature coaching and shinrin yoku. 

The program and the assignments helped me to discover the full potential of shinrin yoku and nature connectivety . But that said what i really gone a miss are the weekly conversations whit Milena. She maid the program so much more.
Thank you very much


It’s soo amazing to see how an online program can encourage you to take new steps in your life and urge you to change your way, 

Shinrin Yoku was such a rich and inspiring program, I have learnt a lot not only from the program itself but also from the team and of course Milena, 

I discovered many things about me, I remembered actually what I like and what I dislike, 

This program made me creative and inspired, I loved this experience and it’s really sad that we are coming to the end…

An end that will open new doors, new bright doors, 

Thank you everyone, it was lovely, inspiring, creative amazing, full of feelings and wonderful program 

I am sad that today is the last day, but happy and proud of myself that I did it! 

Now I have a certificate and new real friends! Much Love!  

A woman on grass


I can’t remember ever taking a class where the harmony and energy was so right off the bat. After the first meeting I felt I had arrived in a way I hadn’t in a long time. It is not only the topic that unites us but also something deeper, an inner basic attitude towards life and nature. This bond has made me look forward to seeing each other’s faces on my laptop all the more each week.

Since childhood, I was passionate about nature. As a resilience therapist, the forest, with its health-promoting properties, has taken on an even more important place for me. The Mindful Tourist has taught me a lot and brought closer my desire to combine resilience therapy with Shinrin Yoku. I have not only learned theoretical knowledge but also more about myself and the unconscious connection and background of my love for nature. I have rediscovered myself a little bit through some tasks.

At the beginning of the course I didn’t know what exactly to expect and was open to everything. Still, I didn’t think that after an online course I would walk out with so much knowledge that I can put into practice. Milena with her style and approach, have also been incredibly beneficial in making the weeks so educational and enjoyable. As well as my wonderful course mates who, through conversation and their thoughts, gave me an hour that I looked forward to all week 🙂

I have been looking forward to doing Level 2 training and practicing Shinrin Yoku in the Japanese woods since the beginning.

Thank you Milena, Pin, Stephanie and Dhouha for such a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see you all and laugh together with you in person!

Agata TMT Shinrin Yoku student


What a beautiful, insightful, health affirming 15 weeks this has been. It has not only opened up my world to the healing capacity of Shinrin-yoku but also offered space for connection, reflection, professional development + my own self care.

As a Naturopath, I am passionate about nature as our wisest teacher and most abundant healer. This course reflected that the laws of nature really are the fundamental truth: as we were guided towards self-enquiry, perspective and our ‘Ikigai’ (reason for being), which I cannot wait to share, to optimise health outcomes in my patients and to those new to nature-based therapy.

The course was taught professionally, with so many informative and evidenced based resources. It was lovely to meet every week, uplifted by like-minded but diverse reflections from classmates based around the world, as we learnt together.
I am very much looking forward to completing the Level 2 training in Japan and know The Mindful Tourist will be with me every step of the way, as I continue to learn by embracing these ideals as part of me.
Thank you Milena & Pin, its been wonderful to watch this all unfold. Well wishes & gratitude, Emily Sarkies (Naturopath, WOW Hub) @emilysarkies_naturopath / @wowhub_


15 weeks already.
WOOW 😀 This really went fast.

I am very glad I went on this journey to discover more about Shinrin Yoku and it has been a fantastic inspiring and greatly
and educational journey. I was quite unaware of what I was going for when I started, and I have been very pleasantly surprised on the way. This has really enriched my life in many ways. 🙂

In particular, I would like to highlight the wonderful people I have met and with whom I have shared these 15 weeks.
I feel like I’ve made some new good friends for life. <3

The weeks have been characterized by very educational and great weekly assignments that have given me a greater insight and better understanding of Shinrin Yoku, why it is so important in the time we live in and how to create a business based on what we have learned together. It is greatly appreciated and is very useful for us as we move our business to the next level.

I am also very grateful to Milena and Pin who have made this possible for us. I cant imagine someone better for the task. I could really feel that you guys care and are there for us. You really have the ability to create good flow in the group and have focused on very exciting topics in a fun and interactive way with my favorite on Passion and Ikigai. This has been fun for me to participate in.

Thank you so much. <3

Training Caledar


For some years now, I had been very curious to understand and study more about Shinrin Yoku.
This pandemic brought pain, but it also brought opportunities of light, for me, this certification has been that light. I will always be grateful for that!
As a dancer I have felt that I do not always fit well into the mold of the image of the dancer that one is supposed to be, I have learned over time that each living being is its own way and I discovered that nature is part of that destiny for me, The TMT certification is my new HOW in life.
Every Tuesday morning as soon as I turned on the computer and saw all the faces of my classmates and teachers, those were all enjoyable moments, what I loved with all my heart was that we all embraced and respected each other’s individual processes, even the curriculum is designed for that, no one got lost along the way.
My most endearing achievements were being able to make friends around the world and understand that this technique is as personal as the individual who performs it, this left me an open field for imagination.
I will celebrate these achievements by following my life path, saying yes to life.
Thank you Milena for accompanying us in the most kind and sensitive way that a human being can accompany, thank you Pin for your support and for your follow-up with such passion and commitment, you two have inspired me to undertake by daring to share who I am with the world, I will always be grateful to them and they will always have a home in Mexico.

Lucia Pineda Profile - Lucía Pineda


I am very thankful for having joined this Shinrin-yoku training. I could learn a lot about myself, about my relationship with Victor, and about my dream business. I think one of the most important aspects of the training was this great group of diverse and amazing people, each one bringing a different perspective of Shinrin-yoku. Also, I really appreciate the knowledge, friendship and openess of Milena and Pin, that created this space that allowed us to develop and to be more prepared for the world out there. There were so many perspectives of Shinrin-yoku that I didn’t know about, such as the existing researches on the topic and how to get prepared for all scenarios possible when guiding our clients.

I want to use this certificate to boost my business and guide many people in this path to (re)discover the connection with nature. I see myself giving value to people, supporting them in their self-development process and to go for their dreams fearlessly.

I am shocked that 15 weeks have passed, it was such a pleasant time, even if we needed to wake up 5am for the classes :D. Everything was worth it! And I know I still have so much to learn, and I will continue my studies and practices.

Thank you so much trainers and colleagues for this amazing time together!!! You can count on me for life! Hopefully, see you all on level 2 training. You are all welcome to Sweden and Norway to visit, to do your internship (just throwing out a suggestion :P) to do business… I know we have a long and brilliant way ahead!


My Shinrin Yoku trail has been a path of self discovery. And it still is.
I’m traveling through life and on my backpack a new patch of a Japanese Hinoki tree is sewed.
It’s my certification. My souvenir that invites me to discover new destinations. Still unknown, but inviting.

My Shinrin Yoku patch helps me to see and choose more paths then before. More directions, more chances, more knowledge and more inspiration. My map and my world became bigger. My monkey mind got calmer and my inner bear got louder.

I’ve learned that being connected to nature is being connected to yourself. We are nature. We come from nature and that’s why we all return to nature. That’s why we find health and happiness in nature.

I mostly enjoyed the gifts that come to you when you open up your senses. When you listen to the invitations of nature. When you look with different eyes or feel with different fingers. Finding awesomeness in ultimate awareness. Like witnessing the dance of light and shadow through the leaves of a tree. I’ve learned to take myself into the present moment.
The only place where life truly exists. Nature showed me the way.

I gained a greater awareness of different perspectives. Reconnecting with nature rewires the brain. Just like being thankful. So I’ll celebrate this certification by having and sending thankful thoughts every coming day for 21 days.

Thank you Milena and Pin for making this all possible. And thank you, all new friends. Thank you for your wonderful support and stories. Thank you for your part in my journey.

A man sitting on a giant rock forest bathing under a tree in Ansterdam


I was trying for a long time to find the right words that express how special & meaningful these 15 weeks of online program have been.

As the owner of a boutique tour operator for wellbeing retreats & mindful journeys to Asia and personally being deeply in love with Japan, I’ve always been interested in diving deeper into the topic of Shinrin Yoku.

During the pandemic seeing everyone near and far lose their ground, I felt becoming a Shinrin Yoku guide myself would be a useful additional qualification in my professional life but above all I felt I could help others to reconnect and to heal with the power of nature.

Helping people regaining their energy and bringing back the glow in their eyes generally is the greatest joy for me. But during the course I realised it has become a deep journey to myself. I had the honor to meet the most wonderful ladies every week online and I think it was quite magical how connected we felt right from the start. We were so open, honest and emotional with each other that it was a million times more than an advanced online training. I believe all of us learned a bit more about our own purpose through the reflection and support of the others.

Thank you to Milena, our guide through these weeks, a wonderful, highly professional and very sensitive human being. And thank you to my “school buddies” Agata and Dhouha. Already miss you all dearly and can`t wait to see you in person soon.

Stephanie Syiemlieh


I thought this certification was for me only, but as the practice becomes a recurrent in my calendar, I see that not only my life but the one of those around me is also positively affected.

Being more in nature has given me the chance to see myself as an adult interacting with it. New feelings, ideas and memories are being created.

Just discovering the lovely world I have around me has been a true gift. Appreciating and respecting nature while inspiring others to go out there and try it, it has been a great lesson.

Soon I will be sharing the project I created while doing this certification. I feel very passionate about it and I know its the start of something great.

To TMT team and the great women in my group: I couldn’t be more grateful to have met you. I felt so close to you and I loved learning about your stories, your places and motivations. I see a group of creative and talented women wanting to make a difference in the world and that is very inspiring.

A woman with a dog enjoying nature


This course had been my first “back to school” in 5 years. With my busy schedule, I was wondering if I would be able to complete all sessions. However, it turns out to become one of my “most enjoyable days” of the week. I looks at nature with different perspectives and see an opportunity I can’t see before. I learn so much and be inspired by countless of conversation I have with a group of my classmate from around the world.

After taking a class, I learn how forest can heal us in so many ways. I practice forest bathing and invite people I know to join me. It is a way to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. And I think it is a magnificent way for getting people to love and protect forest and nature.

Thank you everyone, every session was amazingly inspiring and gave opportunity for me to explore and learn from the inside out.

piyarat The Mindful Tourist Shinrin Yoku training


A walk in the forest will never be the same again! Everything changed for me after starting the Shinrin Yoku training course with the Mindful Tourist. My first forest walk (in Castlefreke) was mind changing. It wasn’t a mindless walk in the forest, thinking my own thoughts. It was being there, “Aware” and “Noticing” Nature through my senses. It was tapping into the senses -opening them up -letting Nature in. This opened up a whole new experience for me. It felt different; I was taking it all in, experiencing it and appreciating it.

Part of that process for me is photography, wanting to capture Nature in all its wondrous beauty. The wild, rugged, rural setting where I live combined with the changing seasons offer an ever-changing playground for me in which to explore and experiment.

We are so lucky to have such beautiful Nature around us and lucky to have Milena and Pin to support us and point us in the right direction!

How amazing it was to be able to join up each week with a group of like-minded people via the internet and to learn from each other. Even though we are like scattered leaves across the globe, we all have a lot in common; love of Nature, protection of the environment and use of Nature for well-being.

What I learned from the course was to be open-minded, reflective and to see things from a different perspective. So I’ll raise a glass of champagne to that!

Shinrin Yoku lady in Cork Country, Ireland


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