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Shinrin Yoku Association (SYA) and 森の心・人の心  Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce the SYA Scholarship Program for our Shinrin Yoku Guide Training in Japan, taking place from October 2-6 and 9-13, October, 2023. 

We have one scholarship per each 5-day immersion training in October 2023.

This unique opportunity includes a 10-week online pre-course and a 5-day immersive training experience in the stunning natural beauty of Nara, Japan.

Please read information below to see if you are eligible  and register your interest by filling out the form.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

  2. Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in Shinrin Yoku, forest therapy, or related mindfulness practices. This can be through past work, volunteer experience, personal interest, or a written statement of intent.

  3. Applicants must be willing to commit to using the training in a professional or volunteer capacity upon completion, such as leading Shinrin Yoku sessions or conducting related research.

  4. Proficiency in English is required, as the training program will be conducted in English.

  5. Applicants should not be currently enrolled or have previously completed the Shinrin Yoku Guide Online Training from us.

  6. The scholarship can be used for one of the trainings in October  2023.

  7. Half of the reduced price (USD850) of the training must be paid before arrival to Japan.

By applying for the  SYA & 森の心・人の心  Scholarship Program, you have the opportunity to gain the following benefits:

1. Partial Financial Support: You receive  partial coverage of the costs associated with the Shinrin Yoku Guide Training in Japan. The total cost of the training is USD2399. You receive a waiver of 699 USD for the training. That means that cost is reduced to 1700 USD.

2. Professional Development: The training offers valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in a professional context. Whether you aim to lead Shinrin Yoku sessions, conduct research, or apply the principles in a health or wellness context, this training offers rich professional development opportunities.

3. Personal Growth: Beyond the professional aspect, Shinrin Yoku is a practice of mindfulness and connection with nature that can lead to significant personal growth. Participants often report improvements in well-being, stress management, and overall quality of life.

4. Community Connection: By attending the training, you’ll become part of a global community of Shinrin Yoku practitioners. This network can provide ongoing support, collaboration, and inspiration as you continue your Shinrin Yoku journey.

5. Cultural Immersion: The 5-day immersion program in Nara, Japan, offers a unique cultural experience. You’ll have the chance to learn about Shinrin Yoku in its cultural context, and experience the beauty and tranquility of Japanese forests.

Interested applicants should complete the online application form, which includes sections for personal information, a statement of interest in Shinrin Yoku, and a description of how the training will be used in a professional or volunteer capacity. Additionally, applicants will need to provide 

Please note that the deadline for scholarship applications is September 1, 20223. Successful applicants will be notified by September 7, 2023. Please apply as soon as you can. We may be moving the deadline to the earlier time depending on the number of applicants. 

We look forward to receiving your applications and embarking on this Shinrin Yoku journey together.

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