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The aim of the study is to investigate whether nature connectedness can help in emotion regulation.

Nature connectedness is the relationship between people and the rest of nature and examines an individual’s sense of their relationship with the natural world. 

Emotion regulation includes all of the conscious and non-conscious strategies we use to increase, to maintain or decrease one or more components of an emotional response. Mindfulness relates to mindful awareness that plays an important role in emotion regulation. Forest bathing or other types of green activities or nature-based interventions enhanced by the presence of a forest bathing guide may have potential for improved wellbeing and connection with nature. However, people are likely to use nature differently or use different ways to regulate their emotions.


I hope you are doing all well. We send you warm vibes wherever you are. Let the nature guide you 🌲.

We would like to invite you to participate in the study investigating the effect of nature connectedness on well-being (emotion regulations and mindful awareness).

Part 1: approx. 15 minutes
Part 2: approx. 25 minutes
→ You can answer these two parts separately 🙌

→ Scan the QR code, which will take to the survey.

→ Alternatively, go the TMT homepage → Press Room.

→ If you signed up for our newsletter, you can enter the survey there.

The study is done by TMT’s co-founder and head instructor, Milena, who is currently finishing her master’s degree in psychology at Derby University.

Milena decided to pursue her study in psychology as a result of adverse childhood experiences She has started her healing journey in the forests of Japan.

Thank you so much for your contribution. We wish you a peaceful day ahead 🤗.

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