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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

Tips on guiding people during a Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) session:

Here are several general tips on guiding people during a Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) session, however, being a TMT Shinrin Yoku Guide requires much consideration when facilitating an immersive experience for participants.

Some of the tips have been omitted for purpose. Can you guess what they are? What else should you be considering? 

1. Start with a brief introduction: Explain the purpose of Shinrin Yoku and what participants can expect during the session.

2. Set intentions: Encourage participants to set an intention for their walk, such as connecting with nature, reducing stress, or finding inner peace.

3. Encourage mindfulness: Encourage participants to focus on the present moment and be mindful of their senses, such as smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste.

4 Lead by example: Demonstrate how to engage with the environment, such as paying attention to textures, sounds, and scents.

5. Invite reflection: Encourage participants to reflect on their experiences and share with the group if they feel comfortable.

6. Respect nature: Remind participants to respect the environment and to not disturb the natural surroundings.

7. End with a moment of gratitude: End the session with a moment of gratitude for the time spent in nature.

Remember that Shinrin Yoku is not just a walk in the woods, but a time to slow down, connect with nature, and practice mindfulness. 

Your role as a guide is to create a safe and supportive environment for participants to have their own personal experiences.


Venture on a memorable path with our 10-week Shinrin Yoku Guide Training program accredited by Shinrin Yoku Association . This journey merges the accessibility of online learning with an enriching immersion in the serene forests of Japan. 🌳🇯🇵

Embark on your online adventure with flexible scheduling (GMT-3, Argentina Time) 🖥️🌐:
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The Mindful Tourist
Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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