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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

Balancing Core Values and Person Well-being: A Guide for Shinrin Yoku Guides and Practitioners

As a Shinrin Yoku guide, you are an ambassador to the natural world. Your role is pivotal in forging the bond between participants and the nurturing spirit of nature. Your core values – respect for nature, empathy, patience, a commitment to teaching and learning, sustainability, well-being, inclusivity, and accessibility – are the compass that guides your journey and shapes the experience you provide. Yet, while these values are essential, there is another crucial element often overlooked: your own well-being.

Why Values Matter

Values in Shinrin Yoku practice are more than mere guiding principles; they are the lifeblood of each forest bathing session. They dictate the overall approach and define the essence of the experience:

  • Respect for Nature: A guide’s deep admiration for nature fosters a sense of unity and connection, transforming the forest bathing session into a celebration of our shared existence with the natural world.
  • Empathy and Compassion: Understanding that each individual’s experience with Shinrin Yoku is unique and personal helps to create a safe, comfortable atmosphere where participants can freely explore and connect with nature.
  • Patience and Mindfulness: By allowing participants to absorb the experience at their own pace, you can help foster a sense of tranquility and mindfulness that enhances the restorative effects of forest bathing.
  • Teaching and Learning: Your eagerness to enhance your understanding of nature and the practice of forest bathing not only enriches your guiding skills but also contributes to a richer, more enlightening experience for participants.
  • Sustainability and Conservation: By demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability and conservation, you can help inspire participants to adopt environmentally friendly habits and attitudes.
  • Well-being and Health: Recognizing and promoting the therapeutic benefits of nature can provide participants with valuable tools to support their own health and wellness journey.
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility: Ensuring that Shinrin Yoku is accessible to all helps build a diverse, inclusive community that truly embodies the spirit of forest bathing.

The Importance of Self-Care

However, while these values are foundational to your practice as a Shinrin Yoku guide, it’s equally essential to remember your own well-being. As the adage goes, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” To effectively guide others on their nature-healing journey, you must ensure you’re nourished and replenished, both physically and mentally.

Self-care might look different for each guide but generally involves a balance of physical health, emotional well-being, and mental clarity. Regularly practice what you preach. Take time for your own Shinrin Yoku sessions, without the guiding aspect. Immerse yourself in nature’s nurturing embrace to recharge your batteries and renew your spirit. Prioritize a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and regular physical activity.

Additionally, pay attention to your emotional and mental health. Regularly check in with yourself, identify and address any stressors, and seek support if needed. Remember that it’s not only acceptable but also crucial to set boundaries, take breaks, and ask for help when necessary.

Moreover, engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Foster relationships, pursue hobbies, and continue learning. By taking care of your own well-being, you’ll bring the best version of yourself to your role as a Shinrin Yoku guide, enhancing the experiences you offer and creating a positive impact on your participants.


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The Mindful Tourist
Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest


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Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest

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